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Question 1

The maximum weight allowed for a golf ball? (in ounces avoirdupois)

Golf Rules Appendix III / A

Question 2

The minimum golf ball size (in inches) ?

Golf rules Appendix III / B

Question 3

Whats the diameter (width) of the golf Hole / Cup ? In inches

4 1/4
4 1/2
4 3/8
Golf Definitions

Question 4

What is the other name used to call a Double Eagle?

Half Bogey
Eagle Eagle
Basic knowledge of golf terms past.

Question 5

What is meant by Honor in golf ?

You are entitled to hit first
You get a free lift
Your group speaks highly of you
You get gimme putts for the whole round
The lowest scorer hits 1st on the next hole.

Question 6

What is rub of the green?

The speed of each green in a certain direction
Accidental moving of the ball by the putter, while addressing a putt.
When a moving golf ball is deflected or stopped by an outside agency
When a golfball is stopped at the very lip or edge of the cup
golf definitions

Question 7

What is the golf term "address" referring to ?

The current location of the ball at any time on the course
The legal address of the golf course
Making a stance and ready to hit a golf shot
The exact marked spot on the green, where the ball is to be replaced
Section II golf definitions

Question 8

Through the green can refer to.

The fairway and rough grass .
The water hazard behind the green
The bunker areas behind the green
Rolling the ball past the hole to the back edge of the green

Question 9

The older golf course term "Out" refers to

Not on the current golf course
The front nine holes
An under construction golf course
The back nine holes
Golf History term for the holes going away or out, from the club house, on a links style golf course.

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