Those High-Speed Golf Cars

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How fast do the new line of golf cars go?

Those High-Speed Golf Cars

If you've been using a golf car that's just not fast enough for you, there are now golf cars on the market that can meet your demand for speed. How does 25 miles per hour sound to you? While it may not get you to the Indy 500, that's pretty fast for the golf course, and there are some cars that go even higher.
Some of the top of the line golf car models, from the classic to the exotic, retail from $6,000 to $8,000. They not only come with high speed packages but have many custom finishing extras such as sport steering wheels, chrome bumpers, tinted split windshields, dash combos, upholstered seats, and custom wheels and tires. For high speed you may want to select a package that includes a new 5.5 horsepower motor and a 400 amp controller for the batteries.



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