Improve Your Game With a Better Tee

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Is there any high-tech golf equipment on the market I may not be aware of?

Improve Your Game With a Better Tee

Of all the gear in your golf bag, how much thought do you give your golf tees? Maybe you should give them some more thought.
You may have been using the traditional wooden tees for years, maybe even some of the plastics, but know it's time to let your tees help your game. High-tech golf tees like the Epoch-3.125 have a ridged configuration that's been designed to reduce surface contact with the ball by 93 percent over traditional wooden tees. What can that do for your game? For one thing, it can help increase the ball-launch speed and at the same time reduce backspin and sidespin to give you better distance and more accurate shots.
According to New York Times sportswriter Evan Rothman, more than 300 pros now use these new tees.



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