Used Clubs Can Add Power to Your Game

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How can TaylorMade woods and irons add more power to my shots?

Used Clubs Can Add Power to Your Game

If you consider yourself a highly-skilled golfer, but you're not getting enough power into your shots, maybe you should consider a change of clubs, such as the TaylorMade line. Some of the best pros use TaylorMade, including Retief Goosen and Fred Funk. One of the unique features of the TaylorMade driver is the moveable weights option. In the newest model, 28 grams can be configured in two widely-spaced weight ports, making a dramatic change in the center of gravity. According to the manufacturer, this can add up to 13 yards to your drive. Buying new can be expensive, but by shopping around you should be able to find a good set of used taylormade golf clubs at a fairly low price. Bought new, the driver alone can cost upwards of $1,000; and a set of irons more than $1200. But if you're buying used, you might be able to get a driver and a set of fairway woods for about $500, and a used set of irons for about $400, all in fairly good condition.



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