Bargains Galore in Used Callaway Golf Clubs

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Should I stay away from the most sought-after brands in selecting my first set of clubs?

Bargains Galore in Used Callaway Golf Clubs

If you're in the market for new woods and/or irons, find out what kinds of bargains you can get in used clubs including top-of-the-line used callaway golf clubs. You could be pleasantly surprised. When new, some of these woods, like the new driver, sell for $500 or more; but when you buy used, you can get some models, such as the Big Bertha Titanium and older models, for as little as $65. The Big Bertha line may be a good choice for beginners. It has an elongated profile face which helps provide more resistance to twisting, more stability when you hit the ball, and more “forgiveness” if your club isn't exactly centered on the ball when you hit it. The sole of the club is designed to minimize turf resistance and promote solid contact to help you achieve greater distance with your shots. Before you decide to buy any clubs, whether woods or irons, read up on the features so you'll know what you should expect.



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