Used Ping Golf Clubs for Beginners

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As a beginner, how much money should I be expected to invest in my first set of clubs if I buy used clubs rather than new?

Used Ping Golf Clubs for Beginners

If you're just beginning to play golf, you may want to be conservative about how much money you're prepared to invest in the sport initially. used ping golf clubs will get you started on your game, and later you can treat yourself to a new set. However, you may not need to think about new clubs for a while if you buy some quality clubs at a used price. You can get a driver in good condition for about $80, maybe a full set of fairway woods for $70, and a set of irons for under $400. The Ping G2 driver won the People's Choice Driver Award in 2205. This club promises a lower spin rate and higher launch angle than some other drivers. The fairway woods are special, too. They are scientifically color-coded to show the angle the ball is lying in. This feature gives golfers a distinct advantage because it can be used to help correct hooks and slices, common problems for beginners.



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