Achieving Balance and Rhythm in Your Golf Swing

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How can I achieve the right balance and rhythm in my golf swing?

Achieving Balance and Rhythm in Your Golf Swing

One of the most difficult things for the beginning golfer to learn is how to achieve the right balance and rhythm in a golf swing, whether on the tee or in the fairway. Practice will certainly help. Here's a good technique to follow:
As you pivot to the top of your back swing, your weight should move to the inside of your back foot. At that point you should be able to feel about 75 percent of your weight on your back foot. The other 25 percent will be on your front foot. Never let your weight move to the outside of your back foot. When you make your downswing and make contact with the ball, about 90 percent of your weight should have shifted to your front foot, with your head behind the ball and your hips shifting slightly forward, about 4 inches beyond the starting position. Things change once you get on the fairway and start using your irons. For those shots you want your weight evenly balanced between heels and toes.



11/16/2008 7:02:04 AM
vince said:

On the Tee when I drive the ball it slices to the right.


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