When You Consistently Miss Your Putts

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What can I do to improve my putting?

When You Consistently Miss Your Putts

When you finally get your ball on the green, you have a great opportunity to finish the hole in perfect style by sinking your first putt. For beginners, however, that's more of a dream than reality, especially if the ball is a long way from the hole. Some of the greats, like Tiger Woods, sometimes sink a long putt to the acclaim of watching crowds.
One of the keys to making good putts is the position of your eyes over the ball. If you don't focus on your target, you risk the chance of stroking the ball to the right or left of the cup. One test to make sure your eyes are where they should be when putting, which is directly over your ball, is to assume your putting stance, then take another ball and drop it from your eyes down to the ball in front of you. It should land directly on your putting ball below.



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