How to Stop Pulling the Ball

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What is causing me to pull my shots?

How to Stop Pulling the Ball

It's a frustrating habit for any golfer who always seems to be pulling the ball, and never making a straight shot. To get rid of this problem for good, keep two things in mind:
- Stop rushing your downswing
- Stop trying to swing too hard.
Both of these actions interfere disastrously with the control of your swing and how you hit the ball. When making your shot, let your lower body lead in the downswing. This allows your arms and hands to deliver the clubhead cleanly to the ball when you complete the swingpath. Another thing to watch out for is the coil in your backswing. Make sure you have enough coil so you can avoid producing an out-to-in swing, resulting in exactly what you want to avoid: a pulled shot. By paying attention to all of these mechanics you will be able to straighten out your shots and avoid the pull.



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