When Your Ball Goes to the Right of the Target

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Why do I always seem to be pushing the ball so that it never goes straight or where I want it to?

When Your Ball Goes to the Right of the Target

The term "pushing" in golf is used when you have a problem in placing the ball exactly where you want it during the game. One way to correct this is to take a close look at your stance. Make sure your feet, knees, hips and shoulders are parallel to the target line. Or maybe the problem is in how you address the ball. Where does the ball lie when you're getting ready to hit it? If it is too far back, this will force you into an excessive in-to-out swingpath. In other words, your clubhead will reach the ball too soon, before it has a chance to square up to the target. If you think this might be part of the problem, stand further back behind the ball when you address it. You want to be comfortable when you swing at the ball, but you want to hit it squarely, too, and avoid any chance of a “push.” And never rush your swing.



3/30/2015 1:20:17 PM
Guy Gardener said:

I never got very good at aim. I haven't played golf for five years, and I had not gotten good the time that I had played. I should have stuck with it, I probably would have still gotten good.


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