Are You a "Scooper"?

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I’ve got a scooping problem. How do I get rid of it?

Are You a "Scooper"?

Some beginning golfers sometimes have a "scooping" problem. Instead of hitting the ball cleanly, they "scoop" it up. They don't get the distance they want, and the ball may bound off completely away from the target. Essentially, this means the ball is hit high and behind, something that will ruin any shot and especially costly when you are chipping onto the green. Scoopers may not realize it at the time, but what they are doing is hitting up on the ball instead of down. In a strictly upward motion the clubhead passes the hands before impact, bottoming out the club before it reaches the ball. This problem can be corrected by keeping your hands ahead of the clubhead during address and impact. Keep good control of your wrist, avoiding the flip, hit the ball first and then follow-through.



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