What to Do for Longer Drives

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How can I increase the distance in my drives?

What to Do for Longer Drives

Talk to any driver about his drives, including any long-ball hitter you know, and he'd be pleased as punch if he could add distance to his drives.

Two new drivers have been explicity designed with the longest possible drives in mind, not just for the long-ball hitter, but for any golfer. One is the callaway x460 driver, the other the Taylormade r7 460. Both drivers are in the $300 to $400 price range, depending on where you buy them, and have heads with the largest volume allowed by the U.S. Golf Association, which is 460 cc, hence the “460” designation. What would the large head do for you? It not only adds weight and power, it makes more room available for the “forgiveness” factor, which means your drive can be slightly off-center and still not be far from the mark you set for it. Something else these drivers do for you is allow you to increase ball speed to the limit set by the USGA. Greater speed = longer roll, and inevitably, longer distance.



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