A Cure For Slices

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What’s the cure for a slice?

A Cure For Slices

You need a wide and powerful backswing to get distance on your drive. But if lately you've been slicing the ball, you should find out why this is happening and make the proper adjustments. If you're right-handed, maybe the problem is in your left arm. You need to keep this arm out straight on your backswing, but if it is still straight when you follow through, your ball is going to slice. Tension in your left arm will prevent your right arm from rotating over naturally, the way it is supposed to do when you hit your drives.
Result: the clubface stays open instead of squaring at impact and your ball slices to the right. This problem can be fixed if you concentrate on letting your left arm bend when you follow through. If you're too conscious of this, that can create problems, too. Best to practice this correction before you get out on the course with your buddies. They'll be proud of you when they note that your slice is gone.



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