Hitting the Ball Longer

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What are some of the things the pros likeTiger Woods do to get more distance from their drives?

Hitting the Ball Longer

Tiger Woods, one of the best golfers in the world, only weighs 180 pounds but he hits the ball 20 yards longer off the tee than the average tour player. If you're like most golfers, including those who have been playing for quite some time, you'd like to add yards to your tee shots, too. How does Tiger do it? Watch him and you'll see the same small, dark grass area next to his hips when he is at the top of his swing and at impact. Many amateur golfers make the mistake of pushing their hips toward the ball when they make their downswing. Tiger rotates his hips in making his downswing but he doesn't make the mistake of moving them toward the ball. There's something else Tiger does that you might want to follow. When he begins his downswing, he starts rotating his left forearm. With that action he begins to square the face and gradually release the clubhead. His swing is already halfway down when the uncocking of his wrists begins.



7/28/2006 3:35:56 PM
Rob said:

I have tried the later tip and found when I am able to follow rotation my arms earlier getting much more out of my drive. It is however difficult to consistantly follow through.

4/15/2009 10:09:36 PM
Tiger's Wood said:

Tiger is not 180. Definitely over 2 bills. His weight training has helped him hit it so far

6/18/2009 3:28:04 AM
harry smale said:

i am playing with my dad called matthew smale and we are going to win


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