Good Manners on the Putting Green

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What is good etiquette on the putting green?

Good Manners on the Putting Green

The putting green is a fun place to be when you have some time to spare. Besides, good putting is crucial to having a good score. One putt-greens are causes for celebration, two putts is the standard. But more than two, and every player groans. Those crowds at major golf tournaments do a lot of groaning for the contenders when they bogey a hole, especially one they could easily have birdied. So when you get a chance to spend some time on the putting green, make the most of it.
Get some good practice in on one of the most challenging shots in the game. But when you do that, don't forget the always important courtesy to other golfers. The putting green can easily get crowded, but you should never stand in another player's line when he or she is about to stroke the ball toward the cup. Be careful, too, that you don't cast a shadow in their line of play.



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