Help Your Game with a Golf Rangefinder

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What’s a good choice in golf rangefinders if I want to buy one for a client important to my business?

Help Your Game with a Golf Rangefinder

The business of golf has become more scientific. Just look at some of the hi-tech aids aimed at the serious golfer, some of which can make excellent gifts for favored clients who love the game. Take the golf range finder, for example. At the high end, some of these devices can cost $400 or more. The Bushnell 1500 PinSeeker with a slope laser range finder is a good example. It has competition from other lines, some of which may be slightly less expensive, but this product has gotten some good reviews from users.It has a mode button that lets the user select from three different modes: PinSeeker, PinSeeker with slope compensation, and no PinSeeker. The power source is a longlasting 9 volt battery. All the user has to do is turn it on, point it at the flag or some distant object where he'd like his ball to land, look at the reading in yardage, then select the club and make his shot.



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