A Gift to Use in Mapping a Golf Course

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What’s a unique gift I can consider giving to one of my prime clients who is also a golfer

A Gift to Use in Mapping a Golf Course

Prime clients on your golf gift list might get quite a bang out of the SureShot Golf GPS, priced to retail for about $400. This satellite-driven device has some amazing features, including giving the user the ability to map the course the golfer is playing. As a guide in selecting the right club for a particular shot, it not only shows distance to the green but any hazards that might be in the way.
The user has the ability to note the distance to the front, center, and back of any green on the course, whether he can see the green or not. Up to 10 complete courses can be mapped and stored on this device, ideal for the golfer who plays at a lot of other clubs in addition to his home course. It also allows the golfer to check on his game and record distances achieved with specific clubs, fairways hit, greens made in regulation (GIR), putts taken on each hole, and a host of other statistics.



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