For the Devoted Golfer: The P3ProSwing Analyzer

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If I have a lot of money to spend on one of my best clients who loves to golf, what’s a good gift idea to consider?

For the Devoted Golfer: The P3ProSwing Analyzer

In the market for golf gift ideas for your clients? Take a look at what the P3ProSwing Golf Analyzer Eagle Package can do. This is an expensive item, in the $2,500 range, something you would consider only for a very special client who is devoted to improving his game. It is big enough to convert the average recreation room into a golf school. It comes with five components, beginning with one of the most advanced swing analyzers on the market. The other components include a mat pack with putting strip, the P3Pro projection impact screen, net and cage, and, as a bonus, the EA Sports' Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 PC game. The mat dimensions are 4' long by 3' wide. The seamless Impact Projection Screen measures 9' high by 10' wide by 4' deep. The screen cage measures 9' 3” high by 12' wide by 6' deep, and is made from steel piping with connectors. Imagine what such a setup could do to help someone improve his game.



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