Loose Grips Sink Ships

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How do you sink more putts?

Loose Grips Sink Ships

Everyone knows the proper putting stroke starts with the correct shoulder movement. But not everyone knows that your grip could play a huge role in isolating your shoulder movement and creating a more consistent putting stroke. Try gripping the putter with your left hand as if you were holding a baby bird. You don't want to hold it too tight, because there's a chance of hurting it, then again you don't want to hold it to lightly, for it might fly away. When you grip the putter with your right hand, remember, it's only along for the ride, it won't be doing any of the driving. Once you've found your comfortable grip, slightly strong with the left hand, weak with the right, you'll then push the putter back with your left hand and also pull it through. It might help to try a few stokes with just your left hand!



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