Golf Slicing Tip

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What is causing my slice?

Golf Slicing Tip

What you have is what some call a slice or fade. This occurs when the golf club head is open at impact causing side spin on the ball. The initial momentum of the golf ball sends it straight, but as the forward momentum decreases, the affects of the spin take over and move your ball right.

Several causes for this condition include the equipment you use and your swing. Golfing equipment problems include golf club shafts that may be too flexible, make sure your shaft is right for your swing speed. Another golfing equipment problem may be that the head of the golf club driver that you have is open faced.

A neutral or closed faced driver, usually called an offset driver, will help stop a slice. When it comes to the swing there are many different exercises that can help you with solving the problem, most include drills on trying to swing from the inside out instead of the outside in.

The one that works pretty good for some people is this: Go to the golf driving range and tee up as you normally do. Now try to hook the ball really bad. Exaggerate turning your hands over. Keep doing this at least 15 times or until you hook every shot. Now try to hit one straight. You will see that the exaggerated swing begins to build muscle memory and causes you to turn you hands over better even on your normal shot.



7/15/2007 3:52:20 PM
michael said:

this was a very good tip it helped a lot to land on the fairway, also it took my drive a lot higher and farther it started at around 200 and now I got to go 225 to 250. my hdp went down alot because of this tip thank you very much!!!


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