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Question 2

Who was the first multiple winner of the Masters?

Tiger Woods
Jack Nicklaus
Ben Hogan
Horton Smith
Horton Smith won the Masters in 1934 and 1936

Question 8

Which U.S. President was a member of Augusta National Golf Club?

Calvin Coolidge
Dwight Eisenhower
Bill Clinton
Richard Nixon

Question 9

The Masters only invites professional golfers to play in the event. True or False?

The winner of the US Amateur is invited each year as well as selected other amateurs.

Question 10

Tiger Woods was the first African-American to play in The Masters. True or false?

African-American professional golfer Lee Elder competed in the Masters in 1974. He was the first.

Question 11

What is the 18-hole course record at Augusta National in the Masters?

Held by Nick Price.

Question 12

Where is the Masters played?

Augusta, GA
Augusta, AL
North Augusta, SC

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