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How do I avoid losing golf spikes

Golf Shoe Care

To avoid losing golf shoes spikes, check for gaps between the spike base and the shoe sole before each round. Tighten the golf spikes as necessary.

How can I tighten a spike without a spike wrench

How to Tighten a Golf Spike Without a Spike Wrench

If you discover you have a loose golf spike and do not have a spike wrench, try using your divot repair tool or a towel pressed firmly against the golf shoe spike. Turn the towel or tool clockwise to tighten. You would be surprised how much torque a towel can apply. The spike's grips grab the towel in a slipless lock.

What should I be looking for in golf shorts?

Shorts for Those Hot Days On the Course

When winter is long past and those warm summer days are here, many golfers head for the cool by buying new golf shorts. There are lots of colors to choose from, all with features that will not detract in the least from your game, and may even make it better.
For the fabric-conscience, you can select from linen, cotton, cotton twill, or a mix of cotton and synthetics, such as the new microfibers. Tehama has linen shorts priced at $69.95. For microfiber, look at the Firethorn line which comes in four colors, priced at about $50.
Golf shorts come in plain fronts, pleated, and in a variety of lengths. Remember the importance of pockets - where else can you put your tees and ball-markers?

How can I keep leather shoes in good condition

Leather Golf Shoe Care

Keep your leather golf shoes in good condition for proper golf shoe care. Treat with polish and or silicone spray. Use shoe trees to hold shape during storage. Avoid prolonged trunk storage in very hot or cold season.

What do women look for in a golf shirt or blouse?

Styles and Patterns for the Fashion Golfer

Women golfers can not only have lots of fun playing a game they love, they can also play with clothes and accessories to match their style.
In warm weather, do you like to play in a short sleeve shirt or tank top? Many of the top brands come in a wide range of colors, and in lightweight and form-fitting fabric, too. Some are plain, some patterned, some in subtle floral designs, like the Greg Norman Floral Polo blouses, which retail for approximately $67.95. You can get matching floral skirts for $71.95.
You'll like, too, the names selected for some of the new women's golfing clothes. In the Greg Norman line, for example, you'll find "Apache," “mirage,” sunshine,” mai tai,” “candy,” and “hibiscus. Prices for this line range from $41.95 to $77.95, depending on style and sleeve-length.

How can I keep my shoes in good shape

Golf Shoe Care - Keeping Golf Shoes in Shape

Golf shoes can crush and shrink from the elements, storage and transport. The best golf shoe care method for keeping golf shoes in shape is to insert a shoe tree (an expandable split wood device) that holds a shoe's shape, minimizes shrinkage, and eliminates moisture.

Do I need soft spikes on my golf shoes?

Golf Spikes

Most golf courses today require soft golf spikes on golf shoes instead of metal golf spikes, to protect the surface of the greens. So change your old metal golf spikes to soft golf spikes as soon as possible.

how do I buy the correct golf spikes

Buying Correct Golf Shoe Spikes

Remember that golf spikes come in two tread sizes. When replacing your golf shoe spikes, remove a spike and bring it with you when shopping for new golf spikes for comparison. It will save you time and trouble.

Why are more expensive golf shoes worth the money?

Wearing a Better Golf Shoe

The shoes you're wearing when playing your favorite game may not make a difference in how well you score, but then can help you keep your feet firmly on the ground when swinging at the ball.
One example is the Ecco World Class line, which comes in solid colors, saddle-type shoes, and wingtips, all priced in the $400 range. These shoes are made with premium leather, easy for the eye to spot. The solid color line has insoles with internal stabilizers for added foot comfort and protection. The midsole is a good shock absorber and comes with a specially-designed heel counter. The outsole is made of leather that holds Ecco's Trisport Eclipse Cleats firmly in place. Other Ecco lines are priced much lower but do not have these premium features. Other brands are also worth considering, all in a lower price range. You can find Adidas golf shoes in the $170 range, Tehama Carnoustie for about $140, and Footjoy Classics priced in the $300 range.

What should a woman do when it rains out on the course?

When it Rains, Keep Golfing

What should you do if you're in play and it suddenly starts to rain? Maybe it's just a light shower that will soon end, causing only a short interruption in play. Maybe you're involved in match play with friends, or competing in a tournament, or just having too much fun to stop. So what should you do?
Many golfers prepared for just such an emergency carry a lightweight rain jacket and rain hat stashed in their bags. There are many such outfits available designed to protect your golfing clothes. Look for a jacket in lightweight, waterproofed material with fast-acting zippers and elasticized waistbands, made with style and comfort as well as clothes protection in mind. One jacket that fills this bill is the Zero Restriction Ladies Featherweight Jacket, which retails for about $240. A similar rain jacket is made by Zero Restriction for men, but priced higher.

What’s so attractive about the new casual shoes for women golfers?

More Casual Golf Shoes for Women

Don't want to wear regulation golf shoes anymore? Take a look at some of the new casual shoes for women golfers. Many come in an attractive two-color mix, including shoes by such name brands as Lady Fairway, Oakley, and ECCO. One of the interesting shoes in the Lady Fairway line combines camel and black and sells in the $85 range. Oakley has a pair in navy and white, priced about $104. ECCO's Ladies Casual Swing shoes sell for about $150 and come in a broad range of two-color combinations, most of them pastels.
Among the key features of the Lady Fairway shoe are the full grain upper leather, the two-year waterproof guarantee, and the anti-microbial finish on the lining to help eliminate odors and bacteria. The Oakley also features full-grain leather on the uppers, and has a Fast Insertion system and the trademarked Silver Tornado cleats. In the ECCO shoes, the midsoles have been designed with extra firmness along with flexibility. Attention has also been given to improvements in the shank system which gives them a higher level of stability. They are also more effective in perspiration evaporation.

What can you tell me about the new spikeless golf shoes for women?

Spikeless Shoes for Ladies

Are spikeless shoes as good as shoes with spikes? Those who wear them will tell you, yes; and a lot more comfortable, too.
Some of the newer spikeless shoes come in a range of two-tone colors, such as the ECCO Ladies Spikeless E-60005-2-14-8 series, priced in the $120 range, which come with white and one other contrasting color.
Other spikeless shoe brands have different color combinations to choose from, as well as shoes in solid colors. Among the key features of the ECCO Spikeless golf shoe are leather uppers, a padded collar, an anatomical heel counter for non-slip fit, polyurethane injected into the midsole for firmness and flexibility, and an outsole with multiple traction bars for optimum grip as well as comfort.

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