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How do I feel more relaxed

Taking the Golf Game Too Seriously

I know that you know that the purpose of golf is to go out and have fun. But too many people approach the game with total "seriousness," as if they are working on a major project at the office. Instead, let the child within you come out and enjoy the pleasure and "high" of playing a game with family, friends, or even new golfing partners. You are developing relationships and building memories that will last a lifetime. Connecting with people and places is the key to "good" golf.

What should a caddy know about greens

Golf Caddy Advice on Caddy Breaks

A good golf caddy knows where all the breaks are on the greens. Keep a little notebook of the greens.

What do I do after hitting a bad shot

Don't Make Trouble a Double Trouble

So you hit a bad shot and now you are in trouble. You are under tree limbs or in high grass. Make your next shot a sensible one. Do not try to force a shot through a forest of branches or use a 3 wood in foot high grass. Rather chip out to a safe spot even if it is away from the hole, at least you can hit the next one forward. Trying the risky shot can make your trouble turn into double-trouble.

What do I do after hitting a bad shot

Golfing Information - Spot Trouble and Avoid It

Many people get into trouble because they were oblivious to it, they overlooked a dog leg bend or the little blue line on the score card map. Learn to spot and avoid these hazards and you will have more fun and better scores too.

Should I take note during a practice round?

Golf Course Information - Take Notes

Take notes during your golf practice round. Write down the golf clubs you hit with and the results. If the yardage on a hole seems to play longer than marked, write that down. Write down the contour of each green. Example: #4 hole - The green slopes toward the road. You can take your notes out on the golf course in a tournament.

How do I avoid trouble

Course Manage Your Troubles Away

Even the best golfers learn to find and remember the trouble areas. It gives them an advantage. It may be avoiding a low hanging limb on a second shot or a slanting section of fairway. It is called golf course management and it will cut strokes off your game. A good golfer is a smart golfer.

I am thinking of becomming a Golf Caddy. What advice would you have for me. I walk alot and am fit and healthy.

Becomming a Professional Caddie

One of the best tips for becoming a professional caddie is first being able to make yourself study. If you loved studying for tests in school then you will make a good caddie. Golf tournaments are like school finals. The more you study the course, your golfer, the elements, the competition, etc. the better you will do on the test. Professional caddies know more about the golf course having never seen it, than most members of the course. Fitness is important, but not as important as keeping your mind fresh and healthy.

Should a caddy know different distances to the hole

Golf Course Etiquette for Golf Caddies - Know Your Golfer

A good caddy golf tip would be to know how far and type of shot his golfer plays and be prepared to recommend the appropriate golf club.

What should a caddy know about greens

Caddy Golf Tips - The Grain of the Green

A good golf caddy knows the grain of the green and can recommend putting speeds to compensate for them.

What should a caddy know about greens

Ultimate Golf Caddy Tips - Distances

A good golf caddy has well documented distances for many points of each hole on his home course.

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