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What is a Divit?

What is a divot?

A divot, in golfing terms, is the chunk of grass and subsequent hole that is left in the ground when a golfer takes a little bit too much of the turf on his swing.

For some clubs, like the sand wedge, it is neccesary to take a divot in order to hit under the ball enough to produce the correct high trajectory and spin.

The patch of grass that flies up from the ground is called a divot. Also, the hole left in the ground is often referred to as a divot. Golfers should remember to carefully replace and repair these divots in order to ensure the quality of the golf course.

what is a worm burner

Worm Burner

A mis-hit shot which rolls along the ground with the force of a full shot.

what is under par

Under Par

Taking less shots than par on a given hole or for the whole round. Examples: A score of 2 on a par 3 hole. A total score of 70 on a par 72 course.

what is a slice


A shot that curves dramatically away from the target from the inside to the outside. Also called a banana ball.

What´s home ?


Two strokes under par for a single hole. Example: scoring a 3 on a par 5 hole.

what is set up

Set Up

To position yourself for the address. It includes aim, foot and shoulder alignment, grip, ball placement and position.

what is preferred lie

Preferred Lie

Play in which a golfer may move his ball to the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole. When playing under winter rules, a player may replace their ball on the fairway within 6 inches of where it came to rest, not nearer the hole.

what is sit down

Sit Down

A term which the golfer says to the ball to encourage it to land quickly and softly or stop rolling.

Tee Marker?

Tee Marker

The boundary on the tee behind which a drive must be made. The ball must be placed onto the tee within two club lengths of the tee marker.

What does yelling Fore !!! mean

Fore Caddie

One who directs golfers to their balls during competition. The fore caddy positions himself in the vicinity of where the tee shots will land, and marks its placement. As a fore-warning a ball hit to close to the forecaddy would be followed with a yell : FORE-Caddie look out, which later evolved to simply Fore!!!

what does tee up mean?

Tee Up

To place a golf ball on the wooden tee.

What is Top spin putting?

Top Spin Putting

A method where the ball is placed more forward in the stance. This causes an end over end rolling action. It keeps the ball on line and forward rolling.

What is a flier(shot)

Fore !!!

To cry out the word "Fore" is to warn other players that your ball may hit them. Similar to Look Out!!! and Heads Up!!!

what is a snap hook

Snap Hook

To severely hook the ball to the inside by excessive and early wrist action.

What is a Chili dip


To miss-hit a shot by hitting the ground behind the ball and then top the ball.

What is a Birdie (bird)


A controlled shot that results in the ball stopping almost immediately on the green without roll. Also a nickname for a birdie on a par three hole.

What is a barkie

Chip In

A chip shot that goes into the hole.

What does Baff mean


The former name for a 5 wood.

What is a Brassie


Any one of many narrow-bladed iron clubs used for long shots through the green from the rough or sand. Another name for the # 1 iron.

Hole ?

Back Door

The rear of the hole or cup in reference to your ball.

What is a Bogey

Double Bogey

Two strokes over the par for a hole. Example: scoring a 5 on a par 3 hole.

what is a sandy


When a golfer still makes their par after escaping from a sand hazard.

what is gutta percha

Gutta Percha

A rubber-like material used in the manufacture of early golf balls. It was a hard, molded substance made from the sap of several types of Malaysian trees. These balls were in use from 1848 until the early 1900s.

What does Address mean

Baseball Grip

Holding the golf club with all ten fingers directly on the grip.

what is Royal & Ancient

Royal and Ancient

Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews - golf's primary governing body.

what is rimmed out

Rimmed Out

A shot which circles the lip of the hole without dropping in.

Where is the Back Lip of the trap.


A shot that takes a large amount of sand with it when hitting out of a sand trap. An explosion shot.

What is Topping the ball ?


Topping a shot is when the club hits well above the center of the ball causing it to run along the ground.

What is a Texas Wedge ?

Texas Wedge

What the putter is called when it is used to play a shot from off the green.

what is a turn


The midway point on a golf course, the end of the 9th hole. Turn also refers to the rotation of the body in the golf swing. Or the bend a ball takes in flight or rolling on the green.

what is par


The designated score for a hole as established by the USGA. The number of strokes an experienced golfer should take to get the ball in the hole.

what is the pro shop

Pro Shop

The area of a golf club house where golfing equipment may be purchased, repaired, adjusted and analyzed. The place to pay your greens fees.

what are middle irons

Middle Irons

Terms used for the 5, 6, 7, and 8 irons. Sometimes the 5 is called a long iron.

What is an Ace


Former name of a "double eagle" - the score for a hole made in 3 strokes under par. A British term.

what is uncock


To straighten the wrists in the down swing. To unbend the wrists or to return the wrists in line with the arms again.

What does swing weight mean?

Swing Weight

The measure of a golf club's weight that is typically expressed in ounces or grams.

what is over par

Over Par

A score higher than the indicated par for a hole or round.

What is a Middle Wedge ?

Middle Wedge

A metal iron with loft between that of a pitching wedge and a sand wedge.

what is a kick


Another term for bounce. Usually an unpredictable or erratic bounce.

what is a hustler or sandbagger


A golfer with greater ability who purposely maintains a higher handicap in order to win more bets. A sandbagger.

what is meant by you have the honor


The privilege of hitting first from the tee. Usually assigned at the first tee. After the first tee, the privilege goes to the winner of the last hole.

What is a Drop after (penalty or lift)


To hit your ball into a water hazard.

What does Angle of Approach refer to

Downhill Lie

A stance where the lead foot is lower than the rear foot.

What is a brassie?

Brassie / Brassy

The brassie is the former name of the 2 wood. Scottish origin.

what is a stroke penalty

Stroke Penalty

Penalty for violation of a rule which counts as one shot. A one stroke penalty adds an extra stroke to your score without an attempt to swing.

what is a hook


To induce top spin and side spin onto the ball causing it to move from outside to in on your swing with more roll. Opposite is slice.

what does hit a brick mean

Hit a Brick

To strike the ball on the green such that it does not roll past the cup.

What is a Birdie (bird)


A score of one over par for the hole. To play a hole in one stroke over par. Example: taking 5 strokes on a par 4.

what is a pro-am event

Pro-Am Event

A tournament where a professional is partnered with an amateur.

what is a scratch golfer


Par play. A zero handicap.

Whats Hole Out?


A very short putt that is certain to be made on the next shot and will most likely be conceded by an opponent. Not legal in stroke tournaments.

what does action mean on a golf shot


Backspin on golf ball.

What is a hit?


A term used to describe the slight turning of the ball from left to right (by a right-handed player) at the end of its flight. From right to left for a left-handed player.

what is a water hazard

Water Hazard

Ponds, lakes, rivers or ditches on the course.

what is a stableford competition


A point scoring competition. One point for a bogey, two points for a par, three for a birdie, four for an eagle and five for an albatross (double eagle).

What does Duff mean


An unskilled golfer. Also called a hacker.

what is shag


The process of picking up golf balls.

What does Back Up mean


The backspin imparted on the ball that makes the ball stop dead, or almost so, with little or no roll.
Refers to the way the greens are holding the golf ball
Ex. The greens are really biting today.

What is a thin shot?

Thin Shot

To strike the ball above its center causing it to skip and bounce along the ground rather than rise through the air.

Tap in refers to what?

Tap In

A very short putt which is also known as a gimme putt. In a friendly game your opponent will say just pick it up, or they will sometimes hit the ball back to you. Don't try this in a tournament.

what is a round


A complete game of golf - 18 holes is one round. Also the term to describe the shape of the hole and ball. When the cirle of the hole or the sphere of the ball is mis-shaped or deformed it is called "Out of Round"

what is occasional water

Occasional Water

A condition where water is unintentionally present and the areas are marked accordingly. The golfer may pick up, clean, and place the ball outside the occasional water area with no penalty.

what is a hanging lie

Hanging Lie

When the ball is resting on the upside of a slope.

What does it mean when the greens are Biting

Comeback Shot

The shot you make after you have overshot the hole.

What is a tee time ?

Tee Time

The starting time assigned to your group for the round of golf.

What is the championship flight

Four Ball

A match in which the better ball of two players is played against the better ball of their opponents.

what is a pitching wedge

Pitching Wedge

An iron with a club face angel of 48 to 50 degrees, used to hit a high trajectory shot.

What is a Baffle


The former name for a 4 wood.

what does head mean


The end of the club that includes the club face which makes contact with the ball.

what is stick


The pole or pin in the center of the green with a flag attached. Also, to hit a shot that stays where it hits.

what is a zero handicap

Zero Handicap

Zero handicap is a scratch handicap. The golfer gets no strokes in handicap events.



A light hit.

What is an Adjusted Gross Score

Adjusted Gross Score

Competition scratch used to recalculate handicap. AGS is based on scores recorded by all players in the competition.

what is a scotch foursome

Scotch Foursome

A golf match where players play in teams of two, taking alternate shots. Each hole is started alternatively as well.

what are the rules of golf

Rules of Golf

The official R&A rules or laws controlling the game of golf.

what is a ranger


An official of the golf course who keeps law and order on the course. This includes etiquette, slow play, reordering the groups of players and more.

what is putting stroke

Putting Stroke

A pendulum type golf swing intending to roll the ball.

what is an interlocking grip

Interlocking Grip

A type of grip where the little finger of the undominant hand is intertwined with the index finger of the dominant hand. It links the hands together.

What does away mean ?

Bail Out

To avoid trouble, such as a water hazard, in one area by hitting the ball well into another area.

What is a Bogey


A term used in tournaments. The player who draws a "bye" is allowed to advance to the next round without playing an opponent. In match play, it is the hole or holes still left to play if the match is won before the 18th hole.

What is an Albatross

Double Eagle

Scoring a 2 on a par 5 hole, which is 3 under par.

What is tending a flag?

Tending the Flag

Holding the flag stick such that a player may aim for it and then removing it as the balls approaches. It is good etiquette to offer to tend a flag for someone who has a long putt.

Where is the teeing ground?

Teeing Ground

The designated area in which you must tee off your ball. The ball must be teed off within the markers and no more than two club lengths behind them.

what is a niblick


An obsolete deep-bladed more steeply lofted than a mashie, used especially for playing from sand and from the rough. Old term for a 9 iron.

what is a lob wedge

Lob Wedge

A wedge with more loft and sometimes flange then a pitching or sand wedge. Usually 60 degrees or more loft.

what is a hole in one

Hole in One

A shot where the balls winds up in the hole made with one stroke. Same as "ace".

what is a hacker


An unskilled golfer that makes chopping swings and winds up all over the course. Same as "duffer".

What is a Birdie (bird)


In slang, to hole a putt or a shot.

what is putting out

Putt Out

To finish putting on a hole even if you are not furthest away.

What is the Course Handicap

Course Handicap Table

The competition scratch score used to recalculate your handicap.

What is a Club Face

Club Loft

The angle of the club face (in degrees) - affects the flight trajectory and distance of the ball when struck.

What does Ball in Play mean

Drop (after penalty or lift)

To deposit the ball on the course after which you put the ball back in play after it has been declared unplayable or after the ball has been lost.

what is a spoon


An old term for a 3 wood.

what is a shotgun start

Shotgun Start

A tournament in which the field starts from different holes at the same time rather than queuing up at the first tee. The customary signal to commence playing is a shot from a starter's pistol, bell or horn.

what is a pop up shot

Pop Up

A high shot over a very short distance.

what is pace


Refers to swing tempo or speed.

what is a mulligan


A second shot (do over) that is allowed to be taken in friendly play when the player has mis-hit the first one. Not allowed by the rules.

what is impact


The moment when the club strikes the ball, or when the ball hits the green or fairway.

What is a best ball match?

Best Ball

A match where the best score of each team on each hole is the official score on the card.

what is a reverse overlap grip

Reverse Overlap

Gripping the club with the little finger of one hand placed over the index finger of the other.

What is a bite?


The backspin imparted on the ball that makes the ball stop dead, or almost so, with little or no roll.



A golfer who lies about his ability which results in him gaining an edge in the game.

what is ground under repair

Ground Under Repair

Areas of the course undergoing construction or repairs. A player's golf ball may be removed from them without penalty and a free drop is then executed.

What a tee area?

Tee Area

The area from which the ball is hit on the first shot of the hole. It is marked with color coded indicators, blue, white, red or gold.

What is a Carry


When playing in match play, being five up with five to go, four up with four left, etc. To be as many holes up as there are to play. Sometimes spelled dormy.

Where is the Fairway

Fairway Hit

Landing and stopping the ball on the fairway from the tee on holes greater than par 3.

what is rub of the green

Rub of the Green

An unexpected bounce of the ball after it hits the ground or an object not normally on the course. Sometimes helpful, normally not. For instance an off line putt hits a twig and goes in the cup or the reverse. A drive that hits a stone in the middle of the fairway and kicks into the woods.

what is a qualifying round

Qualifying Round

An early round of golf that determines whether a golfer is eligible to continue to play in a particular tournament based on his score.

what is pin high

Pin High

A term that means the ball has landed on the green level with the hole as you are looking at it.

what is par for the course

Par For The Course

The predetermined and set value of strokes for a particular golf course. A typical value is 72.

what is out of bounds

Out of Bounds

The area outside of the course in which play is prohibited. A player is penalized stroke and distance. The golfer must replay the shot with a penalty of one stroke. Example: a golfer hits his first drive out of bounds, he must re-tee another ball and is playing his 3rd shot from that point.

what is meant by on the dance floor

On the Dance Floor

Anytime the ball comes to rest on the green.

what is mis-club


To use the wrong club for the shot. Many high handicappers under club and don't reach their target.

what is shank


A very bad mis-hit shot. To strike the ball with the part of the club head where the heel is joined to the shaft.

What is the rear of the hole called


The way in which the ball will roll or bounce. Also the sideways slope on the green. The bending of the wrists. A fortunate bounce or roll.

What is a temporary green?

Temporary Green

A green used when the normal green is under repair or when the club wishes to preserve the permanent green. Also used in winter to protect the normal greens.

what is a putter


The flat faced club used to roll the ball on the green. Also the person in the act of putting.

what is a playing handicap

Playing Handicap

The offical handicap of an individual golfer used in a competition.

What is a Free Drop

Free Drop

A drop where no penalty stroke is incurred. A drop is a lifting of one's ball from one place to another by holding the ball out with an extended arm and letting it drop to the ground. It is now back in play.

What is the Field

Flight (Tournament)

A group of players with equal ability in tournament play.

In a skins match or betting what is a Carry


The length of travel by the ball after it is hit to the place where it first hits the ground. Also a tied hole in a skins match.

what is upright swing

Upright Swing

A swing that carries the club head more directly backward and rising higher from the ball. The opposite of a flat swing.

What does away mean ?

Ball Marker

A circular token or small coin used to mark the spots on the green that the ball rests on. Purpose of this is to clean or replace the ball, also so opponent does not have to putt around your ball.

What is an Acceptable Score

Draw (relating to a match)

A competition that is equal or tied up after the regulation number of holes.

what is under clubbing

Under Clubbing

Using a club that does not give the needed distance and results in coming up short of the target.

what is a square swing

Square Swing

A swing path that stays on the target line during the back swing and follow through producing a straight plane shot with powerful results.

what is a one putt

One Putt

To hole the ball using only one shot on the green. To take only a single putting stroke on a hole.

what is an observer


One who oversees and ensures that a golf match or round is played in accordance with the Rules of Golf.

what is a mis-read


To miss a putt by not compensating correctly for the curvature and slope of the green. To not see a break on a green.

what are links


Originally meaning a seaside course (within 4 miles of the coast). It is now used to mean any golf course and the actually holes.

what is the line


The correct path of a putt to the hole when putting. Also when on the fairway, the correct direction for the ball to be played toward the putting green. A low driving shot. A straight shot.

Hole ?


The hole is a 4 1/2" round receptacle in the green - at least 4" deep. Also refers to one of the nine or eighteen areas between the tee and the green.

What is the Fringe


The whole golf course according to golf rules. However, in popular usage, it refers to the putting surface.

What is Four Ball


A term given to four players playing together. Also a match in which two players play against another two players with each side playing one ball. Standard grouping in recreational play.

What is a golf ball


A hard resilient sap-like substance that is used to make a cover for rubber-cored golf balls. A balata ball is known for it superb feel.

What is the Front(nine)

Front Nine

The first nine holes of an 18 hole course.

what is stymie


When an opponent's ball is in the line of the other player's putt blocking his opponent from making his putt in the hole. Since the ball may now be lifted, the term is used these days to refer to a tree or object in the way of a shot.

what is the nineteenth (19th) hole

Nineteenth Hole

A humourous term for the clubhouse bar after playing 18 holes of golf.

what is a moon shot

Moon Shot

A slang term for a unintended skyed or pop fly type shot, that usually travels only a short distance.

What are Consecutive nine-hole scores?

Competition Scratch Score

The number of shots used to recalculate handicap after a competition. The range is one below or three above the standard scratch. The CSS is calculated by using all the scores recorded in the competition.

What is a Fade


The type of swing that occurs when the club head is swung back in a flat (inside the line) manner, around the body - inside the normal back swing plane and -inside the down swing plane. This can cause excess fading and hooked shots.

What does Bail out mean

Control Shot

A shot that is played with less than full power, with the emphasis on accuracy versus power.

What is a Chip shot

Chip and Run

A chip shot including the run of the ball after landing. The object here is to get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

What does Address mean


The backward part of the swing starting from the ground and going over the head on a full swing.

What is a Bogey Golfer


A complete miss while swinging at the ball. It counts as 1 stroke.

What is the Take away?

Take Away

The start of the back swing, from the address of the ball.

what is pivot


The rotation of the shoulders, trunk and pelvis during the golf swing.

When does a club have a Closed Face

Closed Face

When the clubface is pointed to the undominant hand side of the target when you address the ball.

What is an Approach Shot

Chip Shot

A short approach shot of low trajectory usually hit from near the green. It is normally hit with 7 iron through wedge.

What is the rear of the hole called

Blind Hole

If the putting green cannot be seen by the player as he approaches, the hole is called blind.

What does Back Up mean


An obsolete term, Scottish in origin, meaning to hit or graze the ground behind the ball, similar action to a bunker shot.

what is perimeter weighting

Perimeter Weighting

The weight of the club head is centered in the middle and equally distributed around the edges, thus increasing the sweet spot (an area of the club that when hit gives you the most distance).

What is Hickory?


Wood from a native North American tree used at the beginning of the 19th century to make club shafts. Use continued until the 1920s.

What is the Cut (Related to Grass)

Cut (related to grass)

The name given to the areas of different length grasses on the course.

What is the toe?


The tip of the club head; it is the opposite end from the shaft.

what is sit


Expression aimed at the ball to encourage it to stop rolling.

What is a Ball Roundness Gauge

Ball Roundness Gauge

An instrument used to measure how spherical a ball is.

How do I Chart the course


The playing area which is usually made up of 9 or 18 holes with each hole having a tee off area, fairway, green, a hole and a flag.

What is a Flip Shot

Flop Shot

A specialty shot in which the club is swung harder than needed and is aimed to hit about an inch behind the ball. The result is a little expelled turf and or a divot propels the ball forward with a very soft landing result. The shot can be played slightly closer to the ball allowing a greater percentage of the club to make ball contact.

what is a water club

Water Club

Obsolete club from around the 1880s to the 1930s that was designed for playing the ball from a water hazard.

what is waggle


Movement of the club head prior to swinging. A flourishing of the club behind and over the ball.
This is pre-swing ritual, that helps many golfers get a feel for the weight of each club before hitting.

what is a tournament


An organized competition for both amateurs and professionals.

what is a professional


A player who receives payment for teaching others and/or playing in tournaments. Usually shortened to Pro.

what are pairings


Two player groups.

what is an outside in swing

Outside In

Refers to a swing path that comes from outside the target line and cuts across the ball and continues inside the target line. This type of swing causes a fade or slice spin causing the ball to curve from inside to out of the intended target.

what is a jigger


Colloquialism (slang term) for heavy rough.

what is a hazard


A hazard is any sand trap, bunker or water on the course that may cause difficulty. There are other types of hazards such as hollows.

What does Flex refer to


The designed section or point on a club shaft where the most bend or flex occurs.

What is Hickory?


Anything that is used by a player or is carried or worn. The ball in play is not included.

Where is the Club Head

Club Face

The impact area of the club head, normally grooved to give spin to the ball.

What is a Burn

Casual Water

Any temporary accumulations of water that are visible before or after a player takes his stance and is not a hazard or in a water hazard. A player may lift his ball from casual water without penalty.

what is a sclaff


When the club strikes the ground well behind the ball, as in the proper bunker shot technique.

what is R & A

R & A

Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.

what is a penalty stroke

Penalty Stroke

A stroke added to a player's score due to a rule infringement, taking relief from a hazard or an unplayable lie.

What is a Borrow


To play to one side of the hole or the other to compensate for the slope of the green.

what are summer rules

Summer Rules

The normal local rules of the course apply. Allowances made for winter weather are removed. Example: giving yourself a better lie in the fairway is okay under winter rules, but illegal under summer rules.

what is upright stance

Upright Stance

Addressing the ball with a good straight posture, in contrast to a bent over one.

what is a one stroke penalty

One Stroke Penalty

A term to describe the addition of a single stroke to the current tally for breaking a rule on the hole you are playing.

what is the USGA


United States Golf Association. The governing body of golf in the United States.

what is the sweet spot

Sweet Spot

The preferred spot on the club face with which to strike the ball. The section of club face that delivers the maximum transfer of energy to the ball.

what is a starter


An official who determines where and when golfers tee off.

what is scruff


To misplay the ball by hitting or grazing the ground with the club head prior to hitting the ball.

what is a play off

Play Off

To determine a winner in a tie match by playing further holes or a further round.

what is a one iron

One Iron

An iron bladed low lofted club (less loft than a 2 iron), that is used for long distance shots and is not commonly included in most club sets.

What is Bent Grass

Ball Mark Repair Tool

An instrument to repair ball pitch marks made on the green where the ball landed. It usually has 2 or 3 forklike prongs and is available at golf courses.

What is the Flag


A movable marker to show the location of the hole.

What does Advice mean


A player who does not play for money.

what is spray


To hit the ball erratically off line. Also, the projection of sand during a bunker shot.

what is skull


A mis-hit shot. Hitting the ball at or above its center causing the ball to be hit too low, too hard and travel too great a distance.

what is grounding the club

Grounding the Club

To place the club on the ground prior to striking the ball when addressing it. This is a penalty if it occurs in a sand trap.

What is the Apron

Back Lip of the Trap

The edge of the bunker that is farthest from the green.

What does Flex refer to


A light weight carbon based material used to make shafts and club heads.

what is sudden death playoff

Sudden Death Playoff

When in a match or stroke competition the score is tied after completing the round, play continues on extra holes until one player wins a hole.

what is a spike wrench

Spike Wrench

Instrument used to install, tighten or remove spikes from golf shoes.

what is a medal day

Medal Day

A calendar day during which you are entitled to play a medal round in a competition.

What is a Low tradjectory shot ?

Low Trajectory

A term to describe a ball's flight that is closer to the ground than a normal shot with the same club. Less lift.

what are local rules

Local Rules

A set of additional rules that apply, only at the particular golf course you are playing. Including out of bounds, free lift zones, drop areas, etc.

what is the hosel


The hollow part of an iron club head into which the shaft is fitted. Above the heel.

what is hooding the club

Hooding the Club

Turning the club face slightly inward in order to hook the ball, keep it lower or prevent a slice.

what is a grip


The part of the shaft by which the club is held. Covered with leather or other material. Grip also means the manner in which you hold the club.

Hole High means ?


The hole marker attached to the flag stick on the green. Color coded on most courses.

what are whins


A British term for heavy rough. Gorse bushes.

what is the vardon grip

Vardon Grip

The overlapping grip where the dominant pinky covers the undominant index and middle fingers.

what is an unplayable lie

Unplayable Lie

When a ball ends up in a position from which it cannot be played. Example: Ball goes into a bush, a gopher hole, or against a rock.

what is a swale


A depression in the terrain. A cross wind.

what is a municipal course

Municipal Course

Golf course owned by local government and open to the public.

what are markers


Boundary indicators that mark out of bounds, tee shot areas, yardage distances, and ground under repair areas.

what are woods


The heavily treed areas that may border a hole, normally out of bounds designation. Also, the set of bulbous clubs in a golfer's bag, normally 1-7.

what is line up

Line Up

To physically align oneself or the club to the target. To study the green in order to determine how the putt should be played.

what are marshalls


A person appointed by a tournament committee to keep order and handle spectators.

what is a lag


When a golfer attempts to putt the ball near to the hole, simply trying to get it close whether the putt goes in or not.

what is a shot


The actual attempt or strike of the ball counting as 1 stroke.

what is a pitch and run shot

Pitch and Run

To pitch the ball onto the green using a club which enables the ball to roll on impact.

what is a peg


A nickname for a wooden tee.

what is an open stance

Open Stance

At address the golfer stands with their front foot further from the ball line than their back foot thereby causing the body to face the hole to a greater percentage. An open stance is used by a player when they want to fade or slice the ball.

what is offset


The gap between the club shaft and the club face when held at address, looking from above. A club design with the head set behind the shaft to assist the golfer in keeping the hands ahead of the club at impact.

what is a knock down shot

Knock-down Shot

A shot played low into the wind in an attempt to counteract wind resistance.

What is a Handicap Player?

Handicap Player

A golfer who has an official recognized handicap awarded by a Golf Club.

what is a guttie ball

Guttie Ball

A golf ball made of gutta percha which rendered its predecessor, featheries, obsolete.

what is a groove


Linear scoring on a club face. The indentations cut into the club face which cause the ball to spin. The description given to a good repeated swing. Also channels sometimes found on the sole / bottom of woods.

Home Course?

Executive Course

A golf course with mainly par 3 and comparatively short par 4 holes.

What does it mean to Attend the flag

Attend the Flag

To hold and remove the flagstick from the hole as an opponent or partner putts.

What is a Baffy


Former name given to a 2 wood. A wooden club with a brass sole plate with more loft than a driver and less than the spoon.

What is the Apron

Bent Grass

The type of grass seen mostly on Northern courses. It is native to North America and Eurasia. It is very hardy and resilient allowing it to be cut very short.

What does Advice mean


The position made when a golfer makes his stance and lays the club behind the ball in readiness to hit.

What does Advice mean

Caddie / Caddy

Someone who carries a player's club during play and offers him assistance in accordance with the rules.

what is a putt


The rolling shot made on the putting green. Its origins are from a Scottish term meaning to push gently or nudge.

what is the handicap system

Handicap System

A method of adjusting golfers' scores to a baseline such that they can compete on equal terms.

what is a shaft


That part of the club between the club head and the grip. Early clubs had hickory wood shafts, which later gave way to metallic and fiberglass and graphite material.

what is the PGA


Professional Golfers' Association.

what is one stroke

One Stroke

To address and swing at the ball.

Home Course?

Home Course

The golf course where you have established your handicap and frequent the most.

What is a Baffle


The implement used in golf to strike the ball. Consists of a grip, shaft, and a club head of wood or metal. Also the slang name given to a golf course.

what is a trap


Sand or grass hazard. Also called bunker, beach, dunes, and pit.

what is smother


To hit down on the ball so that it travels a short distance on the ground.

what is pitch


A short shot lofting the ball into the air in a high arc and landing with backspin. The slope or angle of the putting surface or the club face.

what is a neutral grip

Neutral Grip

A manner of gripping the club that favors a straight shot and does not support a fade or draw.

what does it mean to make the cut

Make the Cut

To qualify for subsequent rounds in a tournament.

what are the majors


The most significant golf championships. In the men's game these are The Masters, the U.S. Open, the British Open, and the PGA Championship.

what is lip out

Lip Out

A missed putt that hits the cup and almost falls in but instead is deflected or turned around the hole and doesn't fall. The ball can actually make a u-turn around the lip.

What is a Fat Shot

Get Legs

A term used by golfers to encourage the ball to roll or travel farther in the air, when they suspect it may be short of the target.

what is snake


A very long putt that travels over several breaks in the green. A term meaning to make a putt as in, "snake it in".

what is a sand trap

Sand Trap

The common name for a bunker. A hazard that is usually made of a hole partially filled with sand.

What is Etiquette


A set of guidelines to promote proper behavior on the course.

How do I control anger when I get a bad lie

Flat Lie

Either or both your stance and/or the area of your golf ball are on level ground.

Toe putt

Toe Putt

A technique used to dampen the inertia at impact during a fast down hill putting attempt. You play the ball outside more in the toe end of the putter head, with the same stroke but the ball is hit less solidly
which can help you to avoid sailing way past the hole.

what are spike marks

Spike Marks

Mark made on the green by the cleats of a golf shoe. It can be craters or raised tufts of grass or both.

what is over club

Over Club

To use a club which gives more distance than needed.

what is a marker


A small flat object used to mark the spot where your ball lies on a green allowing the ball to be picked up and replaced. Use the correct marker for proper etiquette. The marker should be slid under from behind the ball until it just touches.

what is a lost ball

Lost Ball

Any ball which cannot be located once struck.

When does a club have a Closed Face

Club Head

The hitting end of the club consisting of the hosel area, sole and clubface.

What does it mean to Attend the flag


The grassy area surrounding the putting surface. See fringe.

what is a whiff


To swing and miss the ball completely.

what is pick up

Pick Up

To take up one's ball before holing out. In match play this concedes the hole or in stroke play incurs disqualification.

What is Equitable Stroke Control Method ?

Equitable Stroke Control Method

Stroke index of a hole on a course. Used in Stableford and match play competitions.

what is surlyn


Tear resistant plastic outer shell or cover of modern golf balls by DuPont Corp. It is considered cutproof and smile resistant.

what is a sole plate

Sole Plate

The bottom or underside of the club head.

what is reading the green

Reading the Green

Determining the path which the ball will take on its way to the hole by analyzing the contour, moisture content, condition and texture of the green.

what is a plugged ball

Plugged Ball

A ball that lands and remains in its own impact crator.

what is a medalist


The player with the lowest qualifying score in a tournament.

what is an iron


Any one of a number of clubs with a head made of iron or steel and having a distinct blade shape. Number 1 iron through Lob wedge iron. The larger the number the more loft is on the club causing the ball flight to be higher and shorter.

What is a Chip shot


A piece of turf removed by the club when making an iron shot. It is always replaced and tamped down unless local course rules state otherwise.

What is Balata


The round indentations on the golf ball cover which are scientifically designed to enable the ball to make a steady and true flight.

what is the tour


A series of tournaments over a season.

What is topspin?

Top Spin

Top spin is the forward spin on a ball. The ball in flight will tend to sink faster and roll further on ground impact. The reverse of back spin.

What is a toe hit?

Toe Hit

A shot outside of the sweet spot of the club, which tends to push the ball outside the target line and dampen power.

Whats a tee shot?

Tee Shot

The first shot of every hole.

what is stroke play

Stroke Play

A competition in which the total number of strokes for one round, or a predetermined number of rounds, determines the winner. The winner used the least amount of strokes.

what is a stroke


The forward motion of the club head made with the intent to hit the ball whether contact is made or not. One shot.

what is an open stance

Stance (open)

To place your feet in preparation for a fade shot, where the front foot is moved back from the target line causing your body to face the hole more.

what is sink a putt

Sink a Putt

The act of making your putt fall into the hole.

what is a sand wedge

Sand Wedge

An high lofted iron with a heavy flange on the bottom that is used primarily to get out of sand traps.

what is a rifle shot


To play a shot accurately and for a great distance.

what is a pitch and putt course

Pitch and Putt Course

A short golf course designed primarily for approaching and putting. A par 3 course.

what is pin placement

Pin Placement

The strategic point on a green where the hole is placed to provide levels of difficulty and interest.

what is a persimmon


A native hard wood in the USA to make club heads for woods.

what is an obstruction


Any artificial or man-made object that has been left or placed on the course with the exception of course boundary markers and constructed roads and paths.

what is a mixed foursome

Mixed Foursome

Two teams of a male and female golfer playing alternate shots.

what is match play

Match Play

A competition played with each hole being a separate contest. The team or player winning the most holes, rather than having the lowest score, is the winner. The winner of the first hole is "one up". Even if the player wins that hole by two or three strokes, he is still only "one up". The lead is increased every time the player wins another hole. The winner is the one who wins the most holes. This was the original form of golf competition.

what is a match


A medal round, contest or game of golf between opponents.

what is low torque

Low Torque

A shaft that resists twisting or flexing.

what is a lateral hazard

Lateral Hazard

Any hazard running parallel to the line of play.

what are hogans


A game where you have to achieve par by hitting the green in regulation, par the hole, having never hit the fairway.

What is a Haskel / Haskel Ball ?

Haskel Ball

First incarnation of the modern golf balls with rubber straps wound around core encased in gutta percha - rendered gutties obsolete.

What holes do I have to give strokes to a higher handicap golfer?

Handicap Stroke Hole

Handicap stroke hole is a hole or holes where in match play an opponent receives a shot. It is determined by the stroke index of the hole. A player with a 9 handicap gets 9 extra strokes over a scratch golfer.

what does hack mean


To chop violently at the ball. To make bad shots. To play bad golf.

What is a fan


The group of spectators watching the golfers play a tournament.

What is the Competition Scratch Score

Course Handicap

A handicap awarded a player based on the course's SSS (standard scratch score) or CSS (competition scratch score) when playing in a competition.

What is a Club Face

Cavity Backed

Design of irons with hollowed out back which assists perimeter weighting and thus good for beginners.

What does Advice mean


Instruction on how a ball should be played. Only partners and caddies may be consulted without penalty.

Whats a Ball Mark

Ball Mark

The depression or mark left by the ball when it lands on the fairway or green from impact.

What is a Flip Shot

Flip Shot

A short shot played with a high trajectory with a highly lofted iron. Usually played with a nine iron or wedge.

What does Can mean


To sink a putt or chip.

What are Consecutive nine-hole scores?

Cut (tournament score)

The score that reduces the field to a pre-determined number and eliminates players in a tournament. Usually made after 36 of a 72 hole tournament.

What is the Club House

Club House

The main building on the course. Normally holds a proshop, locker rooms, and possibly an eating facillity.

What is a Ball Roundness Gauge

Ball (golf ball)

A round spherical object that is struck in the attempt to ultimately roll into the target hole. The golf ball has evolved from wool, leather filled with feathers, synthetic rubber, to today's hightech golfballs.

What´s a tee?


Originally a pile of sand used to elevate the ball for driving. Today it is a disposable wooden or plastic peg with a bowl like top on which the ball is placed for driving. Also refers to the area from which the ball is hit on the first shot of the hole.

what is a low handicap

Low Handicap

A near scratch (0) handicap. A golfer with a single digit handicap (i.e., 1 to 9).

What is a Fat Shot


A poorly hit shot usually caused by hitting the ground before the ball.

What does away mean ?


The ball that is the greatest distance from the hole when more than one golfer is playing. It is the first shot to be played.

What is a Banana Ball

Flight (trajectory)

The path the golf ball travels while airborn.

what is a smile


Colloquialism for a lacerated golf ball A cut in the ball is normally caused by a thin, skull shot.

what is a rabbit


An amateur golfer with little success. A touring professional who has no tournament exemptions and must compete in qualifying rounds for chances to play in tournaments.

what is the course rating


Course rating is the evalution of the playing difficulty of a course for golfers with zero handicap under normal course and weather conditions. It is expressed as strokes taken to one decimal place, and is based on yardage and other obstacles to the extent that they affect the scoring ability of zero handicap golfers, or scratch golfers.

what are plugs


The discarded cylinders of green, sod and dirt that are removed during the aerification process of a green.

what is playing through

Playing Through

When the group one hole ahead allows a faster group behind them to finish the current hole and then play after them for the rest of the round. It's proper etiquette to allow faster groups to play through.

what is a partner


Players on the same side in the same group or match.

what is an open


A tournament or golf event in which both amateurs and professionals are allowed to play.

what is the LPGA


Ladies Professional Golf Association.

what is loft


The angle of the club face in relation to the ground which dictates the trajectory of the ball as it rises in the air. Zero degrees loft is perpendicular to the ground. Also referred to as the lift given to a ball by the club.

What is a handicap


The number of strokes a player is given to adjust his score to that of standard scratch. It allows golfers of different abilities to compete on equal terms.

What is the Fringe

Frog Hair

The short fringe surrounding the green which isolates it from the fairway.

What is the Apron


The edge around a green or bunker. See Also fringe.

What is the Cut for a (Tournament Score)


Tournaments regulated by a golfing authority.

What does Blading a shot mean

Blading a Shot

To strike the ball above its center causing it to skip and bounce along the ground rather than rise through the air.

What is the Drive

Driver (club)

The longest-hitting and lowest lofted wood club, used primarily from the tee when maximum distance is required. Also called the No. 1 wood.

What does Blading a shot mean

Chili Dip

To hit the ground before the ball, producing a weak lofted shot. A miss hit.

what are yips


Shakiness or nervousness in making a shot.

what does out mean


1) The first nine holes of an 18 hole course. The second 9 holes is going "in". 2) Could also refer to the ball that is farthest from the hole. 3) A ball hit out of bounds.

What is a Bogey Golfer


A hole-in-one.

What is Bent Grass


A slang term referring to the putting green or fairway.

what is an uphill lie

Uphill Lie

Where the ball comes to rest on a slope below the target leaving you an uphill shot.

What is Torque?


How far a shaft twists during a swing; slang for applying power.

what is a putting green

Putting Green

The area at the end of a golf course fairway that is mowed more closely than the rest of the course and where the hole is placed. An off-the-course closely mowed grass area in which to practice putting.

what is a push


When the ball travels outside the intended flight line. Opposite of a pull shot.

what is a mis-hit


A term used to describe the many types of bad golf shots: a hack, topped shot, fat, thin, clean, worm burner, duckhook, banana-slice, etc.

What is a Bogey Golfer

Bogey Golfer

A player who has a handicap that is about the same as the number of holes on a course. Usually in the range of (16 to 22).

Where is the Back Lip of the trap.


A depression in bare ground that is usually covered with sand. Also called a "sand trap". It is considered a hazard under the Rules of Golf and the ball and sand may not be touched by hand or club while in it.

What does away mean ?

Ball in Play

A ball is in play as soon as the player has made a stroke in the tee off area. It remains in play until it is holed out, lost, hit out of bounds, or lifted when allowed by the rules of golf.

What is a Chop

Cocking the Wrists

To bend the wrists backwards in the backswing.

What is a Dimple

Dimple Pattern

The geometric arrangement of a golf ball's dimples.

what is plum bob technique

Plum Bob Technique

An alignment method of holding the putter in a vertical position in front of one open eye and using it as a sight or reference line to determine the break on the line of putt.

What does Action mean in a gof shot

Back Up

The action of a ball with backspin on it as it reverses direction.

What does Action mean in a gof shot


A reverse spin placed on a ball to make it stop quickly on the putting surface.

What is a Fried Egg lie

Fried Egg

A ball half-buried in its own crater in the sand.

What is a Tight pin placement?

Tight Pin Placement

The pin is cut very close to a hazard like a trap or water, thus making an approach shot more of a risk.

what is medal play

Medal Play

A score play competition where all shots are recorded and the winner is the one who took the least number for the round.

what is short game

Short Game

The part of the game that is made up of chip shots, pitching and putting.

what is pot bunker

Pot Bunker

A small, deep sand trap with steep sides.

What is a Closed Face

Draw (related to a shot)

A controlled spin or curve placed on the ball (inside to out path) when it curves from the dominant to undominant hand side of the hole.

What is a barkie

Bird's Nest

A lie in which the ball is cupped in deep grass.

what is a yardage marker

Yardage Marker

A set of markers that give a reference point from strategic distances. Yardage markers are typically provided for 250, 200, 150, and 100 yards from the center of the green. Yardage markers may be written on a buried plate in the ground or on sprinkler heads, or designated by posts or living objects.

what is meant by quitting on the ball

Quitting on the Ball

Decelerating on the down swing causing an improper hit. Not hitting through your shot with complete effort.

what is slope


Adjusts your handicap to the difficulty of the course you play. The more difficult the course, the more strokes you will need. Under slope, golfers will no longer have a handicap. You will have an index. An average course will have a slope rating of 113. Your index is a mathematical calculation of your playing ability on an average course. Maximum index allowed is 36.4 for men and 40.4 for women. Also refers to the bank or incline-angle of a green or fairway hill.

What is a Fade

Fade Spin

The term describing a controlled sidespin shot with an inside to out soft curve. Popularized by Ben Hogan.
A fade curves to your dominant hand side as you are facing the target.

what is a score card

Score Card

The paper on which a golfer records his score during play. The score card also has handicap and distance for each hole.

what is relief


To lift and drop the ball without penalty in accordance with the rules. Some places this can occur are areas of ground under repair, from cart paths or casual water areas.

What is a Threesome ?

Draw (tournament playing partners)

The pairing of golfers for a match play tournament.

what are long irons

Long Irons

Refers to the irons used for longer distances. Example: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 irons are the long irons. The 6, 7, 8 are middles irons, 9 - lob wedge are short irons.

what is lip


The top rim or edge of the hole or cup. Sometimes used to describe edge of a trap.

Whats Hole Out?


A 2 under score on a golf hole. Example: making 2 on par 4 or making 3 par 5 hole, of course 1 on a par 3 is an eagle too but that is called an Ace or Hole in One.

What is the Driver (club)

Double D

When a driver is used on the fairway after being used for the tee shot.

What is a Closed Face

Closed Stance

The undominant (lead) foot extends over the ball's line of flight while the dominant (rear) foot is back.

what is stance


To place your feet in preparation for a swing.

what are loose impediments

Loose Impediments

Natural objects on the course which are not fixed into place such as stones.

what is a handicap allowance

Handicap Allowance

Your adjusted handicap depending on the type of competition you have entered.

What does Action mean in a gof shot

Angle of Approach

The angle or degree at which the club moves downward, or upward, towards the ball.

what is a square stance

Square Stance

Placing your feet in a line parallel to the direction you want the ball to travel.

what is a standard scratch score

Standard Scratch Score

The score a scratch golfer should get when playing a course in normal conditions.

what is a punch shot

Punch Shot

Where the ball is struck on the down-stroke of a partial swing resulting in a short low shot; typically used to hit the ball out of rough, to keep the ball below the wind, or to get under a limb or obstruction.

what is a pull shot

Pull Shot

When the ball travels inside the intended flight line. Usually caused by looping in the backswing.

what is a provisional ball

Provisional Ball

The playing of a second ball from the same place as the first because the player is unsure of what may have happened to the first ball (i.e. it may be lost or out of bounds). This saves the time of having to go back to the tee and rehit a shot. If the first ball is found, the provisional is simply picked up with no penalty stroke invoked.

What is a Flange


That part of the club head which comes into direct contact with the ball. Normally grooved and having angular loft.

What does Advice mean

Chart the Course

Pace and record distances for each hole so that you know how far you are from the green at different positions.

What are Consecutive nine-hole scores?

Card (score card)

A card used to record scores in stroke play. Also, to make a record of your score. To make a round official the score card must be signed.

what is speed of play

Speed of Play

The time it takes to play a round of golf.

what are short irons

Short Irons

The higher lofted clubs: 7 iron through wedge.

what is kitty litter

Kitty Litter

Colloquialism (slang) for sand bunker.

what is inside


Your ball is inside when it's nearer the hole than the ball of your opponent. Also refers to a swing path that is closer to yourself than the true target line.

what is a one wood

One Wood

This is synonymous with the driver. It is the preferred club for the tee shot providing the most distance and least loft.

what is mis-aim


To physically align oneself on the wrong target line.

what is soling the club

Soling the Club

The touching of club to ground at address. This is illegal in a sand trap.

what is run


The distance that the ball continues to travel after its initial impact with the ground, as in the pitch and run shot.

what is a round robin

Round Robin

A tournament in which everyone gets to play everyone else in a rotating schedule.

what is rough grass


The high grass area adjacent to the fairway and green.

what is release


To hit the ball such that it rolls on impact with the green. Release also refers to movement of a golfer's hands during a swing at the moment of uncocking the wrists.

What is a Chip shot


To hit the ball with a hacking motion, or very steep angle.

What is the Field of play


The area of the course between the tee and the green that is well-maintained allowing for a good lie for the ball.

What is a Backswing

Down Swing

The motion of swinging a club from the top of the swing through the point of impact.

What is The first flight

Flight (Championship)

The highest ranked level or grouping of competitors in an event.

Whats Hcp. mean on the scorecard


The abbreviation of handicap seen on score cards and golf hole signs.

what is a shag bag

Shag Bag

A special device used to pickup and store a good number of balls during practice sessions.

Whats a Heel?


The part of the club head nearest the shaft, opposite end from the toe.

Are local rules important


Error is the amount of misdirection off of true flight
or percentage off an angular measurement of a club face
A mistake or misdirection.

what is a wedge


An iron used for short shots that has a high-loft: pitching wedge, sand wedge or a lob wedge.

what is picking up your head

Picking Up Your Head

A golfing flaw that means looking up at the hole before actually striking the ball. This usually causes hitting errors: topping, blading, or even missing the ball.

what is overlapping grip

Overlapping Grip

Holding the club in a manner having the little finger of the dominant hand overlapping the space between the forefinger and second finger of the undominant hand.

what is a mashie


Lofted iron club that was introduced in the 1880s and is no longer in use. Used for pitching with backspin. Another name for the number 5 iron.

What is a Low tradjectory shot ?

Lie of the Ball

The position in which the ball rests on the ground. The lie can be good or bad in terms of the nature of ground where is rests, the slope, and the level of difficulty in playing it. Also used to give the current stroke count during a hole. Example: you lie 3, means you are about to hit your 4th stroke.

what is meant by laying up

Lay Up

To play a shorter shot than normally might be attempted. Would be done to achieve a good lie or safer shot, short of a hazard rather than trying to hit the green in one less shot.

What is the championship flight

Glam Slam Event

The four major championships: the British Open, the U.S. Open, PGA Championship and the Masters.

What is Fescue Grass


The short grass surrounding the green. Same as "apron".

What is a course rating?

Course Rating

Used by organizations to rate the degree of difficulty of a course. See also "slope".

what is a scramble


Team competition where players play from the position of the best ball of a team member after every stroke.

What is a hit?

Fat Shot

When the club hits the ground behind the ball. This results in high or low shots with a loss of distance.

What does Bail out mean

Block / Blockout

When a player does not complete squaring the hands during the down swing, resulting in a slice or a shot pushed to the dominant hand side of the hole.

what is a mid iron


Another name for a 2 iron.

What is Carry mean for a golf shot


The distance the ball travels in the air after being struck. In a skins match a tied hole's skin or money gets added to the next hole or carried over.

When does a club have a Closed Face

Cross Handed Grip

A grip where your undominant hand is below the dominant hand.

What is a Bunker

Cross Bunker

A lengthy bunker that is situated across the fairway.

what is pacing off

Pacing Off

An approximate distance calculation where a golfer counts each stride as a yard, from a given distance reference marker. Example if a golfer walks 10 paces ahead of the 150 marker to his ball, he is about 140 yards from green.

what is a stimp factor

Stimp Factor

A value that is associated with speed a ball rolls on the green.

What is a Bunker


Scottish term for a creek or stream. Most people remember the burn on the 18th hole at the British Open where the leader took a 9 and eventually lost the open.

What is a barkie


When the ball hits any part of a tree and the golfer still completes the hole with a par.

What is a Flop Shot


The base of a club, the part that rests on the ground. A sand wedge normally has a big flange.

What is a Blind hole

Blind Shot

A shot played to a blind hole, the player cannot see the ball land.

What does a Caddie / Caddy do


A two-wheeled trolley on which a golf bag is fitted and pulled around the course. In some cases trolleys are battery powered. Can also refer to a golf car.

what is a scratch player

Scratch Player

A golfer who does not require a handicap, or has a zero or less handicap rating such as a professional.

What does Action mean in a gof shot


The flattening of the ball against the club face at impact. Also the degree of resilience of a ball.

What is an Ace

Birdie (bird)

One under the par for a golf hole. Example you shot 3 strokes on a par 4.

what is stony

Stony / Stoney

A name given to a shot that lands and comes to rest very close to the hole.

what is low center of gravity

Low Center of Gravity

A method of weighting a club head to re-position the weight lower in the head to produce better lift and contact momentum.

What is a hit?


The amount of bend or the degree of stiffness of the club shaft.

What is a hit?


To hit the ball from the sand trap using a steeply lofted club with the club hitting into the sand behind the ball and spraying a large amount of sand.

What does Angle of Approach refer to

Approach Shot

Normally a short or medium shot played to the putting green or pin.

what is a woodie


When the ball hits any part of a tree and the golfer still completes the hole with a par.

What is a flat swing

Follow Through

The continuation of the swing after the ball has been hit.

What is the slope rating of a course

Slope Rating

Slope rating is the mark that indicates the measurement of the relative playing difficulty of a course for players who are not zero handicap players, or are not scratch golfers. The lowest slope rating is 55, and the highest is 155. A golf course of standard playing difficulty would have a slope rating of 113. Each course is rated from each set of tees for both the scratch golfer and the bogey golfer. The greater the difference between the scores of the scratch and bogey golfer on a certain course, the higher the slope rating will be and the more strokes golfers will receive. Conversely, the less the difference, the lower the slope rating and the fewer strokes golfers will receive.

what is a jigger


The early name for a 4 iron club.

what is a pin


The pole in the center of the cup on the green with a flag attached. The flag stick.

what is net score

Net Score

A player's score after handicap deductions have been made.

Where is the Back Lip of the trap.


Bunker or sandtrap, which is the sandy hazard near greens, or some fairways on longer holes.

What is a Chili dip


To grip down farther on the club handle. A slang term used to indicate a collapse under pressure.

What is an Acceptable Score

Acceptable Score

A score made over an 18-hole round which is used to calculate or adjust a player's handicap.

What does Blading a shot mean


To hit an iron shot with the leading edge of the clubface which produces an errant shot and a cut on the soft cover ball. Blade is also slang for iron or putter.

What does Bail out mean

Banana Ball

A slice that curves to the dominant hand's side in the shape of a banana. An extreme slice.

what is long game

Long Game

That part of a golfer's game which involves hitting the ball over 180 yards.

what is a mallet putter

Mallet Putter

A putter that has a head that is much wider and heavier than that of a blade putter. Sometimes resembling a semi-circle or half moon.

What does Angle of Approach refer to


The tee shot hit with the 1 wood. To move forward.

what is set


The number of golf clubs carried by a golfer during a round. The maximum number of clubs that can be carried by a golfer is 14. Also, the still state of readiness at address.

What is the LIE (of the ball)


The degree of flatness of the club resting on a flat surface during the address position.

what is square


On line, perpendicular alignment to a target.

what is a lob shot

Lob Shot

A shot that goes straight up and comes almost straight down with very little spin or forward momentum. Useful when there is not much green to play to or popping the ball over an obstacle by the green.

what is a pull cart

Pull Cart

A two wheeled-device, with handle, used to aid the carrying of a golf bag around the course.

what is a stimp meter

Stimp Meter

An instrument used to measure the speed of a green by applying a known force to the ball and measuring the distance travelled. Superintendents measure green speed with a stimp meter. Its readings give a snapshot of the green speed at that time of day. Stimp meter readings in the five to six range mean slow greens, seven to eight mean medium, nine to ten fast, and above eleven extremely fast.

What is the Lie of a club

Degree of Lie

The number of degrees of flatness of the club resting on a flat surface during the address position. This value goes up or down in degrees with the number and length of the club. Thus a shorter sand wedge has a higher degree of lie than a 2 iron.

what is OB


Abbreviation for "out of bounds".

What does Angle of Approach refer to


A hole that has a left or right bend in the fairway, making a straight shot to the green impossible.

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