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What is a greenie or greeny?

Greenies - Free Golf Games

Greenies are a way to add points or bets to just about any game. Greenies are only eligible on par 3's. If a player hits the ball on the green on his first shot on a par 3, he is eligible for a greenie. The ball must be mostly on the putting surface and closest to the pin than any other player who might have also hit thier first shot on the green. To complete and win the greenie, the player must make par.

There are some golf game variations to this bet in that a greenie is sometimes awarded by just being on the green and closest to the pin, par is not necessary. Clear this with the other players before the situation comes up.

What is a Sandy?

The Sandy - Golfing Games Online

The Sandy is a bet that can be made prior to the round. What it says is that if someone makes par on a hole that at some point their ball was resting in a sand trap, they get a Sandy. Usually the winner of the Sandy gets one point or the bet value of a hole.

How do you play Wolf?

How to play Wolf - Golfing Games Online

Wolf is a great golf game if you are tired of playing just match or stroke play. Here is how it works:

The object of the golf game is to have the most points at the end of the match. Points are given to the team or person that wins the hole by having the least amount of strokes.

For each hole a player is designated as Wolf. The Wolf will rotate so that every player gets a chance to be Wolf. Rotation will continue until the round is completed. Being Wolf on a hole is an advantage because the Wolf can choose a partner for that hole or choose to go at it alone. If the Wolf chooses a partner, the other player(s) become a team and are playing against the Wolf's team for that hole. If the Wolf goes it alone, the other players become a team against the Wolf. If the Wolf wins the hole alone he gets 2 points, if the Wolf wins with a partner, each gets one point. If the other players or team wins, each gets one point. In the case of a tie, no points are given. On par 4 holes, the Wolf gets to see everyones tee shot before deciding to pick a partner or go Lone Wolf before leaving the tee box. On par 3's the Wolf hits first then must decide to go Lone Wolf or pick a partner before the others have hit their tee shots. On par 5's the Wolf can wait until all players have played their 2nd shot to decide whether to go Lone Wolf or choose a partner.

How do you play the "Good and the Bad"?

"The Good and the Bad" Game for 4 Players

This is a great golf game for 4 players as it keeps everyone involved in each hole plus offers more avenues for betting or scoring.

Divide your foursome into two teams of equal skill using golf handicaps or giving strokes if necessary.

Team A and Team B.
Each hole in the round is worth a total of 2 points, one point for the "Good" and one point for the "Bad". Each player plays their own golf ball and keeps their score for the hole. At the end of the hole, the best score from team A is put against the best score for team B. The same is done for the other players, the worse score from team A is paired against the worst score from team B. The winning team of the best scores gets a point and the winning team of the worse scores get a point. Ties are carried over. For example if the two best scores are tied, the points for the "Good" on the next hole are now worth two.

Examples of how points are given:
Team A: One player shoots a 4, other shoots a 6
Team B: One player shoots a 5, the other shoots a 7
In this case Team A wins the Good and the Bad -
the 4 beats the 5 and the 6 beats the 7.

Team A: One shoots a 4 the other shoots a 6
Team B: One shoots a 5 the other shoots a 5
Team A wins the Good - 4 beats a 5, Team B wins the Bad - 5 beats a 6

Team A: One shoots a 4 the other shoots a 5
Team B: One shoots a 4 the other shoots a 4
Since Team A and B each shot a 4 as the best score, the "Good" point is carried over to the next whole, team B wins the "Bad" 4 beats a 5.

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