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How can I achieve the right balance and rhythm in my golf swing?

Achieving Balance and Rhythm in Your Golf Swing

One of the most difficult things for the beginning golfer to learn is how to achieve the right balance and rhythm in a golf swing, whether on the tee or in the fairway. Practice will certainly help. Here's a good technique to follow:
As you pivot to the top of your back swing, your weight should move to the inside of your back foot. At that point you should be able to feel about 75 percent of your weight on your back foot. The other 25 percent will be on your front foot. Never let your weight move to the outside of your back foot. When you make your downswing and make contact with the ball, about 90 percent of your weight should have shifted to your front foot, with your head behind the ball and your hips shifting slightly forward, about 4 inches beyond the starting position. Things change once you get on the fairway and start using your irons. For those shots you want your weight evenly balanced between heels and toes.

How can I cure myself of “looking up” when I’m hitting my drives?

How to Stop “Looking Up”

Many beginning golfers have the “Look Up” problem. They are so anxious to see where the ball might go that they "look before they leap" and miss the ball completely. In some groups, if you do this you get charged with a stroke you have not made. Others beginners will let you get away with it and give you a chance to really hit the ball. Why do beginngers do this? Here are four important rules or techniques to keep in mind:
- Make sure you rotate your hips properly when you make impact.
- Keep your arms fully extended until you complete your shot.
- Concentrate on a low follow-through, keeping your eye on the ball.
- Make yourself wait until the ball has been hit and is far into the distance before you look to see where it has gone.

What can I do to improve my putting?

When You Consistently Miss Your Putts

When you finally get your ball on the green, you have a great opportunity to finish the hole in perfect style by sinking your first putt. For beginners, however, that's more of a dream than reality, especially if the ball is a long way from the hole. Some of the greats, like Tiger Woods, sometimes sink a long putt to the acclaim of watching crowds.
One of the keys to making good putts is the position of your eyes over the ball. If you don't focus on your target, you risk the chance of stroking the ball to the right or left of the cup. One test to make sure your eyes are where they should be when putting, which is directly over your ball, is to assume your putting stance, then take another ball and drop it from your eyes down to the ball in front of you. It should land directly on your putting ball below.

I’ve got a scooping problem. How do I get rid of it?

Are You a "Scooper"?

Some beginning golfers sometimes have a "scooping" problem. Instead of hitting the ball cleanly, they "scoop" it up. They don't get the distance they want, and the ball may bound off completely away from the target. Essentially, this means the ball is hit high and behind, something that will ruin any shot and especially costly when you are chipping onto the green. Scoopers may not realize it at the time, but what they are doing is hitting up on the ball instead of down. In a strictly upward motion the clubhead passes the hands before impact, bottoming out the club before it reaches the ball. This problem can be corrected by keeping your hands ahead of the clubhead during address and impact. Keep good control of your wrist, avoiding the flip, hit the ball first and then follow-through.

Why do I always seem to be pushing the ball so that it never goes straight or where I want it to?

When Your Ball Goes to the Right of the Target

The term "pushing" in golf is used when you have a problem in placing the ball exactly where you want it during the game. One way to correct this is to take a close look at your stance. Make sure your feet, knees, hips and shoulders are parallel to the target line. Or maybe the problem is in how you address the ball. Where does the ball lie when you're getting ready to hit it? If it is too far back, this will force you into an excessive in-to-out swingpath. In other words, your clubhead will reach the ball too soon, before it has a chance to square up to the target. If you think this might be part of the problem, stand further back behind the ball when you address it. You want to be comfortable when you swing at the ball, but you want to hit it squarely, too, and avoid any chance of a “push.” And never rush your swing.

How can I stop my ball from hooking?

Is Your Ball Hooking?

If your ball is hooking, you are probably hitting it with a closed clubface. Check yourself out before you hit the ball. Take a look at your grip. The “V” configurations in each hand should be pointing over your right shoulder. But if they are pointing too far to the right, this means that your grip is too strong, causing a closed face when you hit the ball, and resulting in a hook.
If you still can't see anything wrong with your grip, loosen it a bit by gradually moving both hands to the left. Or is your stance the problem? Check that, too. Your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders should be parallel to the target line. Also check your ball address. If the ball is too far back when you hit it, this could be producing an excessive in-to-out swingpath. Your wrists are another key to the problem. If your left wrist is too relaxed at impact, your right wrist will take over, causing the clubface to close too early.

What is causing me to pull my shots?

How to Stop Pulling the Ball

It's a frustrating habit for any golfer who always seems to be pulling the ball, and never making a straight shot. To get rid of this problem for good, keep two things in mind:
- Stop rushing your downswing
- Stop trying to swing too hard.
Both of these actions interfere disastrously with the control of your swing and how you hit the ball. When making your shot, let your lower body lead in the downswing. This allows your arms and hands to deliver the clubhead cleanly to the ball when you complete the swingpath. Another thing to watch out for is the coil in your backswing. Make sure you have enough coil so you can avoid producing an out-to-in swing, resulting in exactly what you want to avoid: a pulled shot. By paying attention to all of these mechanics you will be able to straighten out your shots and avoid the pull.

How do I find a Pro to teach me golf

Using Golf Instructors

If you want professional golf help adn want to learn more golfing techniques, shop around and ask questions about golf instructors and/or watch them teach somebody else. See if you would be comfortable with them and if they are successful in helping their students learn how to golf.

What do I do after hitting a bad shot

Know the Basic Rules of Golf

Learn to use the basic rules of golf to make the most out of your troubles. For instance, you hook a ball into the woods and it is unplayable. You are only 50 yards from the green but blocked out by the woods. The rule states you can bring the ball out and place it along the line of flight (even all the way back to your tee shot). So go back along the line until you have the best distance and approach angle to the green. This golfing technique could save you a stroke or 2. Get every advantage you can.

how to determine which golf clubs to buy

Types of Golf Clubs

When you are ready to buy golf clubs, ask your golf instructors and a professional golf club fitter which types of golf clubs are best for you. There are golf clubs for men and golf clubs for women. These experts can direct you to the best golf course equipment for you based on your skill level, golf club swing speed, and height as well.

where to test your knowledge about golf clubs

Online Golf Club Quiz

Take the online golf club quiz containing 5 questions about the basics of golf clubs. Your score and the correct answers are listed at the end.

Golf Club Quiz

Where do I work on my game

Use the Golf Practice Range

One good golf tip for beginners is to know that the golf practice range is the place to test out a golf tip or try improving your golf swing, not the golf course. Dedicate time to work on your faults; don't go there to smack golf balls around aimlessly.

FAQ by beginner golfers

Free Golf Advice for Golf Beginners

For free golf advice for golf beginners, go to this site to get answers to questions that are most often asked by beginner golfers. For example, Who tees off first? What do I do when...?


Are local rules important

Basics of Golf

You should have a general knowledge for the basic rules of golf so that when a situation comes up, you will be ready for a proper decision and little dispute.

How can I avoid discrepancies on the course

Golfing Techniques - Golf Tee Shot Rule

One golfing technique to use is that when you are in doubt about a lost ball on a tee shot, always hit a provisional ball and make the ball recognizable to the group, so there is no disputing which ball is which.

How do I keep it simple

You Can't Buy Better Golf Scores

These words should really get your attention. It is ultimately not about better golf clubs, golf balls, gloves, golf bags, golf shirts, golf shoes, or expensive golf lessons. Improve your golf game by playing from your soul. Take a few golf lessons online or from your local golf instructor, practice your golf game on the driving range when it is raining, then play from your soul.

what are the basics of golf

Basic Rules of Golf

Learn the objective of the game of golf, basic rules of golf you should know before you play, and what golfing equipment and other golfing information you will need to play golf.

Golf Basics

what are the steps of the golf swing

Fundamentals of Golf Swings

Here's an easy approach for learning how to swing the golf club. The swing is broken down into six parts: the golf setup position and posture; golf club alignment; the take-away; the back swing; impact; and follow-through.

Six Steps of the Golf Swing

How to feel better

Basics of Golf - Your Golf Game

One of the fundamentals basic rules of golf is to not let yourself get frustrated over your golf game. Give yourself a break and a chance to learn how to golf. Take some golf lessons from a local golf instructor. There are some good group deals where golfing lessons may be more economical. Be patient!

what should I know before my first round on a golf course

Golf Courses Etiquette and Learning How to Golf

Learn how to golf by preparing for your first round of golf. Covers tee times, golfing equipment, golf safety, pace of play, order of play, ready play, ball markers, walking on the green, gimmes, finishing a hole, and socializing.

Your First Round on a Golf Course

where can I find lessons for the high handicapper

Private Online Golf Lessons for the High Handicapper

Here's the web site to visit for private online golf lessons for the high handicapper.

Lessons for the High Handicapper

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