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Is there something on the market that can help me improve my golf swing?

A High-Tech Way to Improve Your Golf Swing

Every golfer knows the most important thing to conquor is the golf swing. There are some wonderful high-tech devices out there to add to your golf gear to aid in your golf swing. One is called the Electronic Golf Swing Improver, made by Brookstone and selling for about $150. This device promises to correct hooks and slices, and you don't have to be on a driving range to use it, either. You can use it in your own backyard. It comes with a thick, driving range-style nylon turf mat to protect your clubs, an electronic device with a large LCD display for animated ball flight to show how far the ball is going and how well you're hitting it, and a solid ball for “real hit” feel. Use any club, from driver to 9-iron. It will give clubhead readings in MPH or KPH and can be used by both right-handed and left-handed golfers.

My golf car just doesn’t go fast enough for me. What can I do about it?

Reviewing the Golf Gear

If you don't think your golf car is going fast enough, take the time to review the gear setup. You may want to have it changed. Golf car gear has changed dramatically in the past few years.
If you have a stock gear ratio of 12.5:1, your top speed is only 12.857 miles per hour. The new, higher speed gear sets promise a much higher mph. For instance, with an 8.0:1 gear ratio, your golf car can get up to 20.089 mph. The highest speed gear set now on the market has a ratio of 6.0:1, which will bring speeds of 26.786 mph. Those who sell the new high-speed gear sets do so with a caution: golf cars have a fixed gear in a non-shiftable transmission. Torque and the terrain you'll be traveling on should also be considered. Get some help in choosing the gear that will best suit your needs.

Is there any high-tech golf equipment on the market I may not be aware of?

Improve Your Game With a Better Tee

Of all the gear in your golf bag, how much thought do you give your golf tees? Maybe you should give them some more thought.
You may have been using the traditional wooden tees for years, maybe even some of the plastics, but know it's time to let your tees help your game. High-tech golf tees like the Epoch-3.125 have a ridged configuration that's been designed to reduce surface contact with the ball by 93 percent over traditional wooden tees. What can that do for your game? For one thing, it can help increase the ball-launch speed and at the same time reduce backspin and sidespin to give you better distance and more accurate shots.
According to New York Times sportswriter Evan Rothman, more than 300 pros now use these new tees.

Are there any high-tech putters I should consider for my game?

High Tech Putter For Your Bag

Every golfer knows how crucial good putting is to scoring well. There are many admirable putters on the market, some of them very high-tech for the avid golfer. One example is the TaylorMade Rossa Monza Corza, which retails for about $208. This putter has an oversize mallet which contains two rear ports designed for interchangeable cartridges. These cartridges can add from four to 28 grams of weight to the putter. Accordingly, those who want to increase the weight of their putter, depending on a particular situation, have this option. Among the factors to consider in selecting the weights is the speed of the greens, and whether they're wet or dry.

How fast do the new line of golf cars go?

Those High-Speed Golf Cars

If you've been using a golf car that's just not fast enough for you, there are now golf cars on the market that can meet your demand for speed. How does 25 miles per hour sound to you? While it may not get you to the Indy 500, that's pretty fast for the golf course, and there are some cars that go even higher.
Some of the top of the line golf car models, from the classic to the exotic, retail from $6,000 to $8,000. They not only come with high speed packages but have many custom finishing extras such as sport steering wheels, chrome bumpers, tinted split windshields, dash combos, upholstered seats, and custom wheels and tires. For high speed you may want to select a package that includes a new 5.5 horsepower motor and a 400 amp controller for the batteries.

I seem to be losing golf balls all the time, and that’s getting expensive. What can I do about it?

No More Lost Golf Balls

If you've been losing too many golf balls lately, there's a new high-tech device you might want to consider adding to your golf gear. It's called the RadarGolf Ball Positioning System. There are two elements involved.
One is the RadarGolf Handheld device. The other is the tiny microchip implanted in the core of the RadarGolf ball. When you hit one of these balls into the woods or into heavy rough, as you get closer to your ball you will begin to hear a pulsed beeping. There will be visual indications as well on the handheld device's Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). When you buy this device, you'll get a protective case, a dozen RadarGolf balls, and two specially-lined shield pouches so your spare RadarGolf balls will not interfere with your search. All of these elements are combined in the RadarGolf Sharper Image System at an estimated retail cost of $249.95.

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