A Golf Bag Fit for A Man

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What kind of a golf bag do you need?

A Golf Bag Fit for A Man

The kind of golf bag you want will depend on lots of things, including price, material, color, weight, and certain appreciated conveniences. If you use a caddie to carry your clubs, weight will be less of a factor. But if you carry your clubs, or push or pull them on a golf cart, you may want to make good use of the weight option.

Some golf bags weigh as little as three-and-a-half pounds. Whether you have a push cart or a pull cart, you'll want to be able to conserve your energy for the reason you are on the course in the first place. Selecting a bag that is light in weight is an important first start in improving your game. You'll also want a bag that will hold up well in any kind of weather, rain or shine, and one with a protective clubs cover so you'll have the protection you need if caught in a sudden shower half-way out on the course.



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