Bags Ideal for Golf Carts

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What features should you be looking for in a golf bag to use with a golf cart?

Bags Ideal for Golf Carts

Lots of golfers have push or pull carts to make it easy to get around the course. If you're one of them, you'll also want a golf bag that's been designed especially for use with golf carts. These are made with the same durable materials as other bags, but they are lighter in weight, which will help you save your energy and concentration for your shots. Many of them also have some convenience features that you'll be glad you had, such as a towel holder or water bottle caddy. And you may appreciate a place to put your sunglasses when they're not needed.
Some cart bags also have a special place to put your putter to keep it separate from your other clubs. Ask your dealer, too, about cart bags that have pockets to keep cold drinks, a place to keep your cell phone handy, and an umbrella sleeve. You never know when you might get caught in a shower.



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