A High-Tech Way to Improve Your Golf Swing

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Is there something on the market that can help me improve my golf swing?

A High-Tech Way to Improve Your Golf Swing

Every golfer knows the most important thing to conquor is the golf swing. There are some wonderful high-tech devices out there to add to your golf gear to aid in your golf swing. One is called the Electronic Golf Swing Improver, made by Brookstone and selling for about $150. This device promises to correct hooks and slices, and you don't have to be on a driving range to use it, either. You can use it in your own backyard. It comes with a thick, driving range-style nylon turf mat to protect your clubs, an electronic device with a large LCD display for animated ball flight to show how far the ball is going and how well you're hitting it, and a solid ball for “real hit” feel. Use any club, from driver to 9-iron. It will give clubhead readings in MPH or KPH and can be used by both right-handed and left-handed golfers.



9/1/2006 4:33:24 PM
Jinbon H Wrong aka Sloop John B said:

To me, mechanization of the golf swing is far less important than visualization and a zen sense of self on the golf course. Forgive me if you have already touched on this in your other patented lectures here. In other words, I simply put myself in the moment, visualize the perfect swing and perfect golfing trajectory and le voila! success every time.


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