Are You Using Both Sides?

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I’m right-handed, so what can I do to increase the power in my left side when I swing at the ball?

Are You Using Both Sides?

Are you one of those golfers who unconsciously is using only one side when hitting the ball? After all, it is probably your strongest side and so depending on it for most of your strength comes naturally enough, right? It's important to use both sides fully in your shots to play well and score well. Too many players, even those who have been playing for a while and should know better, allow their swings to be dominated by their right side. The left arm and side, consequently, remain weak and do not contribute as they should to every shot you make. Right-side dominance causes poor extension and leads to a lot of other flaws in your swing. If you're right-handed, one way to correct this is to practice swinging with your left arm only. Do this a few times and then add your right arm for a full swing. You should begin to feel the difference in your swing and in the power you can now generate.



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