Irons With a Larger Clubface

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What can the new TaylorMade rac OS2 irons do for my game?

Irons With a Larger Clubface

Golfers who want a larger clubface on their irons might consider the taylormade rac os2. These irons have an oversize cavity backhead design. They also have slightly wider soles, and a new Tuned Peformance Cartridge to enhance the center of gravity, as well as new graphite shafts. The larger clubface will make it easier for you to square to the ball throughout your swing, something you should always check before you get ready to hit the ball. It may look square if you're eyeing the top line on the clubface. But it's the bottom line on the clubface that's crucial. If that isn't square, that is, parallel to the ground, or perpendicular to the intended line of flight, you won't be able to hit a straight shot. Something else to watch is the speed of your backswing. If you rush it, the club will change position in your hands. To get your best shots you must start square and finish square.



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