Is Your Timing Off?

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I know my timing is off. What can I do to correct it?

Is Your Timing Off?

Even the best of golfers is conscious of timing. Is your timing good, or is it off a bit – or a lot off? If it's off, then you're not getting the shots you want. What can you do about it?
First, think about your swing. Are you swinging the club too fast, or trying too hard to get more distance out of the ball? Make a correction by swinging your clubs using your large leg and body muscles rather than your arms and hands. Then hit the ball with about 80 percent of your power rather than trying to kill the ball with 100 percent impact or more. One instructor advises hitting the ball with about the same energy you would use in hitting a 7-iron. Be sure not to rush your downswing. Take a full coil and start your downswing with your legs and hips. Before turning on the power, get your arms into the hitting position. Try this technique and see if it helps.



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