Why Am I Losing Distance?

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There must be something wrong with my mechanics because I am now losing distance on my shots. How can I fix this?

Why Am I Losing Distance?

Sometimes a golfer who's been playing for a few years starts to lose distance on his shots, which can be a very troubling sensation.
One of the first steps in correcting this problem is to concentrate on releasing your hands through the ball correctly. Your forearms should be close together when you hit the ball. After impact they should be crossed or form an “X.” When this happens you'll know you are not blocking the ball, which now has a chance to go the full distance. Other things to watch out for include making sure you make a full turn, with your arms fully extended through impact. Keep your body relaxed, with a light grip on the club. Keep your left side firm and your left knee bent through impact. Swing through the ball, not at it, and finish with a full follow-through.



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