New Drivers for Advanced Golfers

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What can the new Callaway X460 do for advanced golfers?

New Drivers for Advanced Golfers

You've been playing golf for a long time and your game is pretty good. But you'd always like it to be better, right? For one thing, you'd like to hit longer drives. The answer for you could be in the new Callaway 460, usually priced somewhere in the $300 to $400 range, depending on where you buy it. This new driver has some unique features. It not only has the largest clubhead and potential ball speed allowed by the USGA, it has a face thickness controlled to tight tolerances to give golfers performance potential over a large area. With increased ball speed this can result in longer distance more often. Another key advantage is the face of the X460, which is a full 10 percent larger than the Big Bertha (R) Titanium 454 driver. In addition, the keels of the soleplate rest on the turf, giving golfers more ease in aiming the club face and in stabilizing the clubhead. The new driver also has the traditional Callaway short, straight, hollow hosel, which allows weight to be moved lower and to the perimeter of the clubhead for greater forgiveness.



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