Taking Some of the Pressure Off Putting

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How can I get rid of the tension when I’m about to putt?

Taking Some of the Pressure Off Putting

You've been playing golf for a long time and consider yourself an "advanced" golfer. Experience has taught you how important your putts can be to your score, but you still can't putt well. Sure, putting is a tense part of the game, so how can I keep tension to a minimum?
First make a good study of the line. Crouch down behind the ball and look toward the hole. Know where you want to aim, adjusting for the lie of the green in your trajectory. Then take a couple of practice strokes to give yourself the right feel for how hard you want to stroke your putt. Now you're ready to address the ball. As good instructors advise, "stay in the present." Don't try to anticipate whether the ball will go past the cup, be short, or go in. Stroke the ball with confidence and accept the results. If you make the putt, you will be elated. If you miss, you'll know you've done your best.



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