Getting Out of the Bunker with Panache

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What can I do if I’m still having trouble with my bunker shots?

Getting Out of the Bunker with Panache

If you've been playing golf for a long time, maybe by now you've mastered the bunker shot. But if you're still having trouble with it, maybe you need some refreshing on your technique.
Know that when your ball lands in a sandtrap you have your work cut out for you. To make an effective shot, your club must never touch the ball. Your sand wedge must reach into the sand beneath and behind the ball and toss it on to the green at a carefully determined speed and stroke. This kind of stroke should give the ball backspin, limiting the amount of roll. This means you'll want the ball to land near the pin so you'll have a short putt. Maybe then you can make par or even a birdie, depending on how much you lie when your ball falls into the trap. As always, practice makes perfect. If you're still having trouble with your bunker shots, either get help from an instructor or make yourself practice until you get it right.



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