Ever Try This Scoring Trick?

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Ever Try This Scoring Trick?

As a golfer with lots of experience under your belt, you've probably learned a lot of techniques along the way to improve your chances of scoring well. For instance, you know how important good chipping can be. But what do you do when your ball lands in a trap near the green, your ball has a clean lie, and the lip of the trap is no higher than your knees? Do you sandblast out as you usually do when your ball is in a trap? Not necessarily. Ever try just chipping the ball onto the green? Your ball will get more roll that way, but that's something you're used to with chip shots. Maybe you've never tried this before but have sometimes been tempted to do it. Choosing the right club is no problem. You can use either a pitching wedge, taking some sand with your shot and puttinge stop on the ball. Or you can use another iron, maybe a seven or an eight. The advantage is yours because you have a clear look at the green, even clearer if the lip of the trap is a lot lower than your knees.



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