Warm-up Before Your Round

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What can I do to get ready for my best round of golf?

Warm-up Before Your Round

Want to play one of the best rounds of your golfing career? Do what the pros in any sport do to get ready for a game: start with a warm-up an hour before the game. Get to the clubhouse early and head for the driving range. Walk briskly to get your blood moving. Maintain a positive attitude and keep your mind intent on making the most of this day. Begin your warm-ups by taking two clubs and swinging them in circles above your head. Do this 10 times with each arm to get your shoulders ready. Put the rest of your clubs on the ground in a vertical position, then put your hands on top of the grips and do 10 squats to warm up your knees, calves, and hips. Now begin your club practice. Hit your irons for about 10 minutes. Start slowly with three-quarter length swings, then build up to full swings. This will give ample stretch to your arm, leg, and core muscles. Do the same with your woods. You are now primed to play a career round, the best you've ever played.



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