Best Golf Ball for Your Game

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How do I choose the best golf ball for my game?

Best Golf Ball for Your Game

How do you choose the best golf balls for your game? Using price as the sole measure won't do it, because you can buy the most expensive ball on the market and it still won't help your game. So, how do you decide. There are so many really good balls on the market, all with attractive descriptions: low-compression, Titanium core, soft, long, hard XLs, VIs, Ultras, Tours, Premiers, you name it. Talk to your dealer before purchasing golf balls. Describe the kind of a game you have now and what you're aspiring to achieve. Be innovative and experimental and don't be afraid to try something new. It might help your game.



4/21/2007 4:19:26 PM
Tyler said:

I just look at what the pros use. but i try to only hit one type. (Nike)


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