Why Golf Balls Have “Dimples”

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Why do my golf balls have “dimples”?

Why Golf Balls Have “Dimples”

Ever wonder why your golf ball has all those “dimples” on it? The answer is simple enough and in one word: aerodynamics. If your golf ball was perfectly smooth, it would fly when you hit it, sure enough, but it wouldn't fly very far. It's the dimples that give your golf balls the thrust needed for distance. On most golf balls up to 80 percent of the surface is composed of dimples, and on some the coverage is as high as 100 percent, with configurations in hexagons and pentagons, tiny six- and five-sided figures. There are no flat spots to cause drag, giving these balls the ability to carry further and roll farther once they hit the ground. This makes them ideal for driving on long holes. You can make the needed adjustments when hitting to short holes or when hitting an iron from the fairway onto the green. Good dimple coverage also gives golf balls more wind-resistance, enhancing stability.



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