More Casual Golf Shoes for Women

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What’s so attractive about the new casual shoes for women golfers?

More Casual Golf Shoes for Women

Don't want to wear regulation golf shoes anymore? Take a look at some of the new casual shoes for women golfers. Many come in an attractive two-color mix, including shoes by such name brands as Lady Fairway, Oakley, and ECCO. One of the interesting shoes in the Lady Fairway line combines camel and black and sells in the $85 range. Oakley has a pair in navy and white, priced about $104. ECCO's Ladies Casual Swing shoes sell for about $150 and come in a broad range of two-color combinations, most of them pastels.
Among the key features of the Lady Fairway shoe are the full grain upper leather, the two-year waterproof guarantee, and the anti-microbial finish on the lining to help eliminate odors and bacteria. The Oakley also features full-grain leather on the uppers, and has a Fast Insertion system and the trademarked Silver Tornado cleats. In the ECCO shoes, the midsoles have been designed with extra firmness along with flexibility. Attention has also been given to improvements in the shank system which gives them a higher level of stability. They are also more effective in perspiration evaporation.



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