The Cleveland Hi-Bore Driver

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What makes Cleveland’s Hi-Bore driver a good choice for some golfers?

The Cleveland Hi-Bore Driver

If you're in the market for a new driver, you might want to look at the cleveland hibore driver , which has a suggested retail price of $498. This driverhas been praised by two of golf's most prominent pros, V. J. Singh and David Toms, who said it has helped them put their tee-shots in the fairway with more consistencey.

At first glance, this driver has some unusual characteristics. For example, the top of the driver is scooped, rather than domed like more conventional drivers, and the body extends far back from the face. There is a difference in the sole, also, which is larger than some other high-performance drivers. This is the result of what the company calls "Distance Driven Geometry," which is aimed at keeping the ball in the center of the clubface. The club also has a deep center of gravity. This new driver from Cleveland comes with the option of custom-fitted shafts.



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