Is Your Ball Speed High Enough for the Cobra-F Speed Driver?

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How high should my swing speed be to make me want to get a Cobra-F Speed driver?

Is Your Ball Speed High Enough for the Cobra-F Speed Driver?

If you have a high ball speed, take a look at the cobra f speed driver, priced in the $300 range. This driver has been designed for golfers who hit the ball from 220 to 275 yards off the tee and with an average swing speed of 87 to 108 miles per hour. Your ball speed should range in the 125 to 155 mph bracket. Like some of the other new drivers, the Cobra-F Speed has the maximum 460 cc face area, and a wide-body sole design, made to push the dual weighting system and the center of gravity deeper and lower. It has a milled rhombus L-cup laser welded face insert and a crown that slants backward, which further lowers the center of gravity. This has created a higher launch angle to give drivers more lift.



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