The New Ping G5 Irons

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Would the new Ping G5 irons be good for my game?

The New Ping G5 Irons

If your present irons aren't doing the job for you, take a look at some of the new irons, such as the ping g5 irons. Here are some of the features the company would like potential buyers to consider:

- The turning port is thinner than formerly, with a larger surface area to use in stabilizing the clubhead.

- In the cavity of the clubhead, the pull direction is parallel to the ground, rather than perpendicular to the face.

- There is more mass in the back of the clubhead, making it possible for the user to hit a straighter ball.

- The sole of the clubhead is wider, and the lead edge radius has been designed in multiple sections.

One of the unique features of the Ping irons is the color coding system: black for standard lie; red for a one-degree flat lie; blue for one-degree upright; and green for two degrees-upright. The dot colors, grip sizes, and shafts can be custom-ordered. The complete set has a list price of $920.



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