Golf Clubs for Kids

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What’s in a starter golf club set for youngsters?

Golf Clubs for Kids

For kids to really enjoy the game of golf they need a positive first experience. The right golf clubs for kids can make all the difference.
Kids golf clubs that match their strength, size, and athletic ability, including the Ping Moxie Junior Set, priced about $220. Clubs for youngsters are lightweight, which makes them easy to use in hitting the ball. They're also high-launching and longer-carrying. This will help to make all of their shots fun.
A typical startergolf club set includes driver and fairway wood, along with four irons, putter, and sand wedge. Some also come with a stand as well as a bag to hold the clubs.



6/18/2007 8:41:14 PM
manu gupta said:

one day i was playing golf and i made a pupsa and and the ball gone straight into the hole


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