Buying Used Titleist Golf Clubs

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Where can I buy some used Titleist golf clubs?

Buying Used Titleist Golf Clubs

Maybe you've been wanting to try some Titleist golf clubs for a long time but couldn't afford to buy new ones. You may be able to find some used titleist golf clubs at a price you can afford. Ask your local sporting goods source.

The Pro's like the Titleist drivers because they're designed for high speed players who need reduced spin for optimum performance. The shallow front-to-back profile helps produce a flatter initial launch angle, which is good for their game, too. The irons are forged in carbon steel with a high iron content, and the longer irons have a low center of gravity. The clubface on the Titleist sand wedge has “U” grooves for maximum spin control. The same attention has been given to the putter, with micro-grooves on its face to give the ball a better roll and give you more control over this important shot, the last one to reach the cup.



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