A Chip-Mate Chipping Net

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What’s a good gift idea for the golfers on my list who want to improve their chip shots?

A Chip-Mate Chipping Net

All golfers want to improve their chip shots and make them more accurate so they will roll closer to the hole. And like most golfers, they welcome the opportunity to get in some extra practice so they can improve these shots and lower their scores. One gift idea that can help make this a reality for golfers on your gift list is the Chip-Mate Chip-Mate Chipping Net. This retails for about $50 and comes with an instructional video. The Chip-Mate net consists of a brightly colored target design, 30 inches in diameter, with a red bullseye pocket in the center. The target is made of strong nylon cloth affixed to a sturdy metal frame, configured to sit on floor or ground at an angle. This means it can be set up indoors or out and used year-round. It is especially useful to the golfer who wants to practice whenever time permits and not have to wait until he gets to the course.



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