What is a divot?

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What is a Divit?

What is a divot?

A divot, in golfing terms, is the chunk of grass and subsequent hole that is left in the ground when a golfer takes a little bit too much of the turf on his swing.

For some clubs, like the sand wedge, it is neccesary to take a divot in order to hit under the ball enough to produce the correct high trajectory and spin.

The patch of grass that flies up from the ground is called a divot. Also, the hole left in the ground is often referred to as a divot. Golfers should remember to carefully replace and repair these divots in order to ensure the quality of the golf course.



4/15/2015 4:23:34 PM
Guy Gardener said:

I hate it when people don't replace their divots. I see the little bits of dirt and grass all the time. If I play with someone that doesn't replace their divot, I leave and don't talk to them ever again.


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