Taylor Made R7 and Movable Weights

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What is so special about the R7 driver?

Taylor Made R7 and Movable Weights

TaylorMade has come out with a new driver called the R7. The thing that is special about the R7 is that it allows the golfer to move weights to different parts of the head to promote different ball flight patterns without changing the swing weight of the club. The R7 has 4 weight ports One in the heel, one in the toe and two in the back. The club comes with 4 weights, 2-10 gram weights and 2-2 gram weights. The weights on the heel and toe mainly affect whether the club will promote a draw or fade, the weights in the back mainly promote either a higher or lower ball flight. Putting more weight in the heel allows the face to close faster promoting a draw, while putting more weight in the toe slows the close of the face promoting a fade.

The pro version of the R7 comes with about 10 weights allowing for more combination of heel, toe and back weighting.



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